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    Default Looking for a 48" tub with recess for pump

    Can anyone tell me where I could find a 48" step up or ramp style tub with the drain area set down so one could use a bathing pump? Forever Stainless Steel use to make these but discontinued this size and only does 52" and up. Thanks in advance for any help!

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    My old (1980's) Hydro Surg bathing system sits flat on the tub's bottom and only requires about an inch of water to run .,,,,, no recess is necessary.

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    Like Dolly I also have the Hydrosurge pump. I’ve had them since they were first invented. I have replaced them with newer ones over the years as they have worn out. I still use the pump style. They still sit flat on the bottom of the tub. No recess needed.

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    Forever is the only one I know of with a pump recess. We just keep our pump in the corner and rely on the crown of the street to tilt the van to the passenger side so we don't need much water in the tub to run a pump, but a recess is best. I would not pay the thousands for a Forever tub.

    Another option is what Wagn Tails does. They have a drain on the bottom of the tub and has piping running to a pump and back to the tub through a hose and its a great system built in. You would have to drill another drain hole in the tub, install another drain with strainer and plumb in a pump and switch.


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