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    Beaming Software?

    I've decided to join the 21st century and go computerized! I'm a home based grooming salon. I work alone. I need suggestions on the best practical software . Basically I just want to hold all my clientele info. Keep my books and do my scheduling. What does everyone use and how much do you pay for it? I hate to spend too much a month on this! Also I'm not gonna lie I'm a little nervous about keeping everything on the computer for fear of losing my information . Im sure I would want to do a backup everyday right? . I need a lot of help deciding what is best for me! I know one thing though I do not want to go into 2018 running my business on paper and client cards any longer! Please help 😀

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    I am a house call cat groomer.
    I use my Mac laptop and my Android phone for everything. I only use the software/apps that come with them.
    For scheduling -- Google Chrome calendar. I have it set up to automatically communicate with my Mac calendar, so if information disappears on one calendar, it will still be visible on the other.
    Records of clients -- I don't keep records in a separate place. All the information is on the calendar. The client name, the pricing, etc. I just copy it over from the last appointment when I schedule a new one.
    The calendar is set up to email me a reminder.
    For me, it's a simple method because I am not high-volume.

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    I would never go back to paper after switching to software, it's so much easier and saves SO much time!! I hated organizing my client cards, and when one would randomly go missing it was embarrassing to ask the client what they needed again :/ I use Pawfinity ( ) and I pay $40/month, which is cool because one groom pays for the software for the whole month. Honestly, it saves me so much time I can fit an extra groom in a day, so it's worth the money to me. I've had them for a few years now and never lost any information, I think they have special infrastructure for that or something, so I don't bother backing up my info. And I'm mobile, so that says a lot right? Because if my info wasn't available I'd be screwed lol! But it's never been a worry for me while using them, they are always reliable.


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