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    Default what can we do do support groomers who were affected by Harvey

    I dont know if this is the right place for this or even if it is going to be able to be posted or not. I recall years ago when Katrina affected so many and of course being we all are in the same pet loving business... we just might have extra things we could do to help out "if" there were any groomers who were affected by Harvey. It could be as simple as a small donation of money of one pair of hemostats to a groomer who lost everything and needs to re-build what was a thriving business helping their community's pets.

    I may be a bleeding heart but I wonder if there were some organization that could centralize the effort... of course many may be getting insurance claims for their business but what about the 'groomers' who worked for them. We all know what its like having to acquire tools and equipment and the cost to some of being able to get back to work to make a living 'could' be the choice of food/shelter or tools/equipment. Its just a thought but I try to think of others when tragedy strikes and the thought of loosing everything as Ive been seeing on TV is breaking my heart.

    Families (well some families anyhow) have been making a point of taking their pets to safety via boats... I dont like to think about the pets left behind, many of us old enough to remember Katrina can recall that nightmare... but these groomers could have work & if they only got out with their lives and without their tools/equipment... wouldnt a place of donation to help them at least get some work done help? who here doesnt have 1 pair extra scissors they arent using, an extra blade here or there, extra snap on combs, extra brushes & combs to help out a fellow groomer who has been through a tragedy...

    well enough of my soap box... just thought Id share the idea and I hope someone else has thought about it too.

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    Do you want to help groomers in need in Texas?

    Equipment Donations :
    c/o Judi Cantu Thacker
    2460 Hadley Circle,
    Sugar Land, TX
    If equipment needs sharpening send to:
    Frank Rowe and Son
    26 South Union Street
    Middletown, PA 17057

    Monetary Donations:

    An application for assistance can be downloaded from

    Vendors who are donating part of their proceeds:

    Bardel Bows-50% of all proceeds of red, white, and blue bows.

    Continental Pet Company is reducing their price of the American passion shear to $99 and doubling their donation amount to GEAF $40 on every one sold. They are also donating $5 from every CPC legging sold.

    Pawsitive Educational Training $2 from every webinar.

    Holistic Pet Grooming $1 from every book from this link only.

    Pet Agree From now through September 3rd, Pet-Agree will donate 3% of all sales to the Groomers Emergency Assistance Fund. If you mention "Go Home Harvey" to your sales rep or in your online order, we'll double it and donate a total of 6% of your order. Lastly - any groomer physically affected by the storm can receive 10% off ALL of their orders (supplies and equipment) through the end of the year. We know rebuilding will be hard - but Pet-Agree has your back. 800-734-4228 or PLEASE SHARE!

    PLEASE SHARE and if you are a vendor and want to help, send us a message.
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    Groomers Emergency Assistance Fund is doing it. GEAF
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    Fantastic info and thank you for posting it... I personally have been MIA with personal family issues for some time and yet I knew where to go to find out info. This board has been one of the best places for groomers (and pet owners who want to see the professionalism of our industry) to go... I lost my mom 2 years ago and am now facing issues with my dad's health. Its easy to become wrapped up in our own lives and forget that there are others who can benefit from experience and networking... This is the place ! If anyone who works with pets has wondered what they can do to help our fellows in this glorious profession, well as you can see from one simple old groomer asking the question?... a wealth of knowledge and links comes forth! This board is amazing and I hope that most everyone who visits the board has access to the wonderful info to help out our fellows in need.

    can this line be highlighted &/or notated so everyone who visits the board (including new members to the board here) can see it so they can help? I saw recently that small donations of even $5 to charities add up quickly and our wonderful companies who we depend on to bring us the top tools and equipment are showing once again they truly care about us all. Thank you all and Prayers go out to those in need during this tragedy.


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