Haven't been on the board in years, but got a birthday wish and thought I would browse a little. Been grooming ten years now and piling on the pounds.
My knees are really bothering me and I finally had to go get a cortisone shot in my left knee. Am enjoying blessed relief. Talked to my doc about my weight and that I
was trying intermmititant fasting or skipping meals to loose weight. He said the new science is in and he approves. Says we eat to much and we never use up most of the
calories we eat. We need to do that or we store what we don't need. After a month I have lose 19 pounds and my blood glucose is now down to below pre diabeties levels.
He also said that though 3 or more meals a day is recommended the ones that say this are the food producers. All I know is I am never hunger in the mornings anyhow and I just have a cup of coffee. I am usually to busy to eat and was tired of running in the house and gobbling something I wasn't hungry for anyhow. With my knees so bad I could not do my treadmill, so I tried it. Huge success on my end. Used to be they said you would go into starvation mode and stop loosing but the studies he read says that does not kick in for like three days. I just eat one meal a day at dinner time and eat what I want. NO, not three plates of food, but I can eat a reasturant and eat a normal mea. Last night was also our anniversary and I ate some chilis chicken crisper and we got a free chocolate cake. I ate half and Rusty ate half. IF it appeals to you, I recommend you read up on it. Its really working for me.