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    Default Lesson from a Pro

    I've been lurking here for some time as well as reading grooming blogs (any recommendations?), Poodle forum, Maltese forum, etc just to soak up more info. Grooming has become relaxingly therapeutic and I love the instant gratification. Many times, groomers suggest the owners receive a lesson from a professional groomer. I would love that.

    How do I go about that? Any volunteers? =) I do not use a groomer; I groom my Papillon myself. I'm located in Northern VA/DC metro area.

    Thanks for your time.

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    You may have to call around in your area, and find a groomer who enjoys teaching. At least with a Pap, there is not a lot of grooming, so it's not a difficult breed to teach. Just let them know that you love grooming your dog, and will pay hourly, and want to take at least a lesson or two and see if you can apply what they show you.

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    I'd call a mobile groomer.
    1) we love it when the owner makes a serious effort. It is, after all, your dog. I will GIVE clients brushes and show them how to use them. The best part is giving them ideas to take control of the grooming. "He won't let me brush him." Me: "Try putting him on a surface where you can stand and control him. Make sure he has a rubber Matt to keep hime from slipping. That way he can't make it play time, and just run away from you. Toys and treats, depending the dog.
    2) make it cuddle/pet time. As they're relaxing, even getting sleepy, handle them and use a soft brush. Quiet, bonding time is THE most successful tactic with many clients.
    This pretty much guarantees a life long, very happy relationship for everyone. I highly recommend it. Get to know your pet. A couple of quickly tries won't do it. Stick to what you knowistherightthingtodoforthe relationship and health for all.
    Offer to get them the correct brushes for their breeds, a couple of demonstrations, and the beginning of a beautiful relationship, (hopefully).

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    You could check out Wisconsin Pet Spa on youtube


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