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    Tongue TMobile- MyTouch 4G or ?????

    Help! I think my eyes glaze over when discussing all the various options out there!
    Anyways! I will be mobile and want to use for pictures and appointments, maps and of course Tapa Talk.I have read that the preloaded apps' take up most the memory and the battery life is bad and camera stinks. Does anyone have this phone and run business from it? One review I read indiacted the Lx 2G was better?
    Tell me if you have this phone , how u like it.
    If you dont- tell me what other smart phone from T Mobile u have and why u love it!
    thansk so much

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    I have it and I have not had any problems at all.

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    I love mine. I found it easy to pick up and run with it. The original battery didn't work as well as a replcement one I bought at battery store. Has anyone ever ordered from: batteries ?

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    I just got my T-Mobile g2x and love it. I've heard that the mytouch has a lot of issues.

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