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    Default Posting Pictures from your Android Capable Phone or iPhone onto Message Board

    Assuming you are away from your computer and cannot cable your phone to your computer, yes you can still post messages and pictures.

    You want to use the TAPATALK app for Droid or iPhone.

    We have another thread on the Tapatalk app here. You can learn more about that app at So much easier to read the board and post using Tapatalk instead of web surfing with your smartphone.
    Most questions regarding GroomerTALK are answered in the FAQ section, or in the Board Help Forum. Thanks for coming to

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    Thank you sooooo much Admin. I posted asking this question a while back and had not received any feed back. This is great as my blackberry is my constant companion! LOL!

    Stephen: But I hear the blackberry Tapatalk is not going to be. But when home you could hook your Blackberry to your computer and attach pictures that way.


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