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Thread: Hello Delaware

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    Tech Hello Delaware

    I am a mobile in Bear, just wanted to say hi to the delawarean groomers. Or as the out of staters call us- "Dela Where?" lol

    so Hi!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Default Client moving to your area?

    hey there. I have a client moving to delaware on March 1st. They are from NJ, and have been my mobile client for almost 3 years. Do you service, or if not know of someone that does, the dover delaware area? I think they said its a suburb of dover called chester or chestersomething... Forgive me, the wife was not sure. It is the sweetest older westie (not your typical crazy westie). Great every 5-6 weekers, never misses an appt. PM me if you do with your info, or know of anyone! Thank you! Mary kay

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    Hi Crystal! I'm in lower, slower, Sussex. I am seriously thinking of starting a mobile and am busy researching! Glad to meet ya!


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