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Thread: Puli cording?

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    LOL Pink Puli Puli Puli!

    I know this is a long dead thread, but I couldn't resist - I love Pulis! We have one who comes in for regular de-stinkifying. His name is Toker, and I don't think I've ever met such a happy character! His face has had to be shaved a couple tims because his puppy pall kept chewing on the hair and making it go solid with matts, but otherwise his cording is still intact from puppyhood. I do shave his tummy because he is a leg lifter, and that seems to help prolong the time in which he doesn't stink.

    Drying tip - I don't bother with a force dryer at all. Instead, I line a crate with towels, put him in, and set up two dryers on the crate - one hot, one cold. Then I give him a break every hour, and change out the towels. The first two sets will be dripping, but they get drier and drier as you go. I've cut his drying time from 7 hours to 4 hours this way!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bow_wow_wheels View Post
    Don't clip the coat!! Split those mats into sections about 1" x 1" and that forms the base of a cord. As it grows out you snip the ends off and the cords form from the matting. There's a yahoo group for cording those interested in cording and corded dogs that I suggest you join. On there you will find archives, tips on cording, a wonderful book and some very helpful people full of info. Have fun with it! It will take a Puli about 18-24 months to cord properly so have fun with it!

    You split the cord with an older heavier shear into 3/4 to 1" on the end and then pull them gently apart. Kind of like tearing a piece of cloth. Be careful when pulling you don't want to pull to fast, or too hard, it'll hurt their skin, especially be careful around ears and tails.

  3. Angry Puli Pup tomorrow

    so i have a 5 month old coming in tomorrow for cording. I've bathed and dried the dog x2 already, but now the cording should be starting. How do I "make" the cords? just wait till they mat then separate? Or do I actually make it mat???

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    Helo everyone,

    Actually I do puli grooming (show and pet) fo 10 yrs now,so if you have any questions just let me know...

    about drying: I always use a blaster for dryin,never let the coat dry naturally cuz it will be stinky again...with a strong dryer it would take around 2-3 hours to dry (depend on the coat type and amount)

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    Hi all I have a 2.5 yrs old puli and she will not cord all the way up just half of her body so she looks funny... lol

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