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    New PlaqClnz 2 oz. Gel and Spray Retail Packages:

    Easy Customer Solution for Pet Fresh Breath, Improved Oral Health

    Proven PlaqClnz Results = High Satisfaction, High Margins, Repeat Purchases

    (Phoenix, Ariz., August 23, 2012) — PlaqClnz Oral Cleanser for pet fresh breath and oral care will be introduced at SuperZoo 2012 in a new, compact 2 oz. size, ideal for retail display and countertop point of sale.

    Already used by thousands of groomers for more than three years with proven results, the attractive 2 oz. PlaqClnz, in Oral Gel and Oral Spray versions, instantly communicates an easy customer solution to pets’ bad breath. With high profit margins, the new PlaqClnz retail packages are also compatible as add-on sales for in-store and independent Groomer Salons.

    Important for pet parents, alcohol-free PlaqClnz Oral Cleanser Gel and Spray freshens pet breath in 30 seconds while its zinc-based complex formula loosens and removes tarter and plaque build-up with continued at-home use. Pets readily accept its flavor-free, neutral ph as the pets’ natural licking spreads it around the mouth, making it simple for customers to use daily to maintain their pets’ good oral health.

    At a suggested retail price of $14.99 per 2 oz. package in spray or gel formulas, PlaqClnz’s ease of use and effective results offer high customer satisfaction and encourage repeat purchases.

    For a first look at the new PlaqClnz 2 oz. retail packages and pricing details, retailers and groomers are invited to visit the PlaqClnz Booth # 1210 at SuperZoo in Las Vegas September 11-13, 2012, or to order by calling: 1-800-433-7297,
    or email: info@smartpractice.com.

    For product details, visit the PlaqClnz consumer website at www.plaqclnz.com or professional site: www.groomeroralcare.com. 
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    We are now posting official winning photos from major grooming competitions in a separate forum gallery on the GroomerTALK board. We just added the NDGAA Colorado Groomfest winner photos for 2012.

    You can discuss grooming events here in the Grooming Competitions forum and post your photos here too.
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    PetGroomer.com has created a new list of educational sources for grooming career seekers looking for grooming schools, home study and career opportunities. The report has been updated for 2015-2016 and be sure to get a free subscription to PetGroomer.com Magazine.

    Published on 04-12-12 09:34 AM

    The Northwest Grooming Show was recently held in Tacoma, Washington at the Murano Hotel and Convention Center. The event hosted approximately 40 exhibitor booths and welcomed nearly 800 pet care professionals.

    The show was home to two-tiered Poodle and All Other Purebred competitions and a Creative grooming competition. Andis Best in Show winner for Open Division was awarded to Barbara Prueckel of Doggie Style Inc. in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Deanise Stoops of Purrrscision in Sunset Beach, CA won First Place in the Barkleigh Open Poodle Class. Electric Cleaner Company’s Open All Other Purebreds Class awarded First Place to Barbara Prueckel of Doggie Style Inc. in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The First Place winner for Tropiclean’s Creative competition was Angela Kumpe with her “Lilly” creation. Carol Hoover of Yelm, WA won the People’s Choice award with her design, “Cowboy Up.”

    The show featured educational seminars and demonstrations by leading pet industry professionals on grooming and business topics. Kathy Rose, Kendra Otto, Michell Evans, Diane Betalak and Jay Scruggs offered seminars featuring live grooming demonstrations. Speakers and topics included; Teri DiMarino with a Brusher/Bather Certificate program, Donna Owens on First Aid, Adrienne Kawamura on Cat Grooming, Joe Zuccarello and Nancy Thomas on Business Strategies, and Dr. Adelia Ritchie on Canine Skin Problems.

    Trade show exhibitors offered special show pricing while introducing and demonstrating new products to attendees. It was a great opportunity for groomers to stock up on supplies and check out some new tools of the trade.

    Next year’s show will be held May 3-5, 2013. For more information, please visit www.NWGroom.com.

    Best In Show 2012

    Northwest Grooming Show 2012 Competition Results
    Best in Show – Open
    Barbara Prueckel

    Best in Show – Novice
    Sheila Wagner

    Open: Deanise Stoops, Barbara Prueckel, Alida Tanney
    Novice: Amy Peck, Deb Riche, Annie Davis

    All Other Purebreds
    Open: Barbara Prueckel, Natasha Humeston, Jessica Cave
    Novice: Sheila Wagner, Laurel Behnke, Carol Dawson

    Angela Kumpe – “Lilly”
    Nina Lehtonen – “Bees & Butterflies”
    Cat Opson – “Rainforest Friends”

    People’s Choice - Carol Hoover – “Cowboy Up”
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    We talked with Christina Pawlosky about her experiences with the new line of Oster clipper technology. You can listen to her recording in her new ad at PetGroomer.com. A MP3 player is provided on that page. No installation required. This is the simplest way to listen and see product pictures and information as well.


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    You can still take surveys please at www.petgroomer.com/surveys.htm but we now publish all results in eGroomer Journal, a leading online grooming industry publication. See www.egroomer.com for a free subscription and you can view past issues as well. For 2011 survey results including the world's largest grooming prices survey for US, Canada and Australia, see the January/March 2012 issue.
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    The online statistics are now published in PetGroomer.com eMagazine, formerly eGroomer Journal www.petgroomermagaziner.com. Refer to the issues for January/March 2014 for the 2012 results, January/March 2012 for the 2011 results, July/August 2011 issue for 2010 results and 2012 results are in the January/March 2013 issue. For 2014 forward download the January/March issue for each year.
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    Americans spent $50.96 billion on their pets in 2011.

    That’s an all-time high and the first time in history more than $50 billion has gone to the dogs, cats, canaries, guppies and the like, the American Pet Products Association said in a report issued Thursday.

    Food and vet costs accounted for about 65 percent of the spending. But it was a service category — one that includes grooming, boarding, pet hotels, pet-sitting and day care — that grew more than any other, surging 7.9 percent from $3.51 billion in 2010 to $3.79 billion in 2011.

    APPA President Bob Vetere said 2012 should be another banner year for services, predicting it would grow 8.4 percent to an estimated $4.11 billion in 2012.

    Owners are taking care of their pets, said Dr. Jessica Vogelsang, a San Diego veterinarian and author of pawcurious.com. “They are planning ahead. When they go on vacation, they want to make sure their pets are well cared for,” she said.

    Spending in 2011 was up 5.3 percent from 2010, when it totaled $48.35 billion, Vetere said. He estimated 2012 sales would total $53 billion.

    In 2011, people spent $19.85 billion on food, $13.41 billion on vet care, $11.77 billion on supplies and over-the-counter medicines, $3.79 billion on other services and $2.14 billion on live animal purchases.

    In 2010, they spent $18.76 billion on food, $13.01 billion on vet care, $10.94 billion on supplies and over-the-counter medicines, $3.51 billion on other services and $2.13 billion on live animal purchases.

    Food sales did slow down, Vetere said, even though the 5.8 percent growth exceeded projections of 4.1 percent growth.

    APPA numbers indicate that animal sales and adoptions are flattening out.
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    Wixom, MI – 123Pet is proud to announce that they are now offering a fantastic new computer option for hardware users. Because technology rapidly advances as the future becomes today, making sure that the technology stands up to the test of time is essential.

    As a company in the technology industry, it’s our duty to stay current and offer our customers the best quality products. We have upgraded the computer that we used to sell, and now sell a top machine able to handle a business network of any size. The new computer that we offer is the HP Pro 3400 MT PC. It comes with an Intel i5-2300 quad-core processor and 8GB of DDR3 RAM, ensuring that for single use or on a network, this computer will continually perform at fast speeds. And with a 500GB hard drive, users won’t be at a loss for space at any time.

    The HP Pro 3400 MT comes loaded with Windows 7 Professional, a keyboard and a mouse, and has ten USB ports, and one serial port to provide enough compatibility for all the devices that users require for running a business.

    Call our software consultants for more details: (800) 376-0123.
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    January 1, 2012 Wixom, MI – 123Pet is proud to announce that they now have an app available for Kindle Fire users. The eReading market is growing at an astounding rate, and eReaders are growing with it. Because customers are relying more on one mobile device that does everything, eReaders are offering more options than simply reading ebooks.

    The 123Pet Kindle application gives users the ability to access pet, client, product, and service information from their 123Pet software. Add new pets, clients and appointments while away from the business with a few taps of a finger. And because business can be added from anywhere, business can grow from anywhere. The 123Pet app also connects to Google Maps, providing an excellent way for mobile groomers to open a client and map directly to their appointment.

    In the growing field of business management, marketing mobility is essential, and the 123Pet Kindle application gives stylists and owners the flexibility to conduct business from anywhere. Mobility has never looked this good.

    Call our software consultants for more details: (800) 376-0123. http://www.123petsoftware..com
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    Dog Groomers Love Silent Call Communications’ New Doggie Daycare Kit

    Silent Call Communications has a treat for dog groomers and it’s called the Doggie Daycare Kit. The new kit includes the TransMATTer, Good Vibrations Receiver or Sidekick Receiver with Strobe. The TransMATTer is a mat that has a pressure-activated transmitter that works with a variety of receivers to alert a person that someone is at the door. It has a range of up to 500 feet and can be concealed under carpet, a rug or decorative doormat. This product has helped tremendously to prevent dogs from barking as customers come through the door. The Groomer will have the Good Vibrations Receiver that clips to their waistband or the Sidekick Receiver with Strobe that will alert them every time someone steps on the TransMATTer. In turn, the Groomer becomes aware without bringing attention to the dog that’s being groomed or others in the facility. Even if a dog is barking, the groomer can be aware of someone regardless of the noise.

    The Good Vibrations Receiver has a range of up to 200 feet, which gives the Groomer the mobility to work and move around without missing out on anything. The Sidekick Receiver with Strobe has a range of up to 100 feet and flashes for 15 seconds when it receives a signal to alert the Groomer. Both receivers can also work with Silent Call’s Doorbell, Sound Monitor, Smoke Detector, Weather Alerting System with radio, and a telephone. This helps a Groomer to be more alert to what’s going on around them and to not miss out on a customer or call. With either sound free receiver, it really helps to keep dogs calm or if they are barking it helps to keep a Groomer aware over all the noise. Silent Call has a variety of products that Groomers have found to be useful.

    Silent Call Communications is a Waterford, Michigan based company that provides tactile and alerting devices to organizations, companies and individuals alike. Since 1985, the Silent Call Communications Corporation has taken a simple philosophy of personal communications by means of electronic devices and developed an exciting product line. These products have revolutionized the means by which people who are seniors, hard of hearing, deaf or deaf/blind may lead more convenient, safe lives. For more information about Silent Call Communications and products, please visit http://www.silentcall.com or call (800) 572-5227 (Voice or TTY).
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    MADISON, Wis.–Spectrum Brands Holdings, Inc., a global consumer products company has announced its United Pet Group division has signed an agreement to acquire FURminator, the leading provider of deshedding products.

    “FURminator immediately expands and further strengthens UPG’s broad companion animal product portfolio through entry into the large and growing dog and cat grooming category,” said Dave Lumley, CEO of Spectrum Brands Holdings. “It also helps achieve our objective for more balance in UPG’s two product segments of aquatics and companion animals.”

    Established in 2002, FURminator markets professional quality grooming tools and accessories.
    Published on 10-14-11 09:55 AM

    For Immediate Release

    Barkleigh Honors, the grooming industry’s new way to recognize outstanding achievement, held its first award ceremony recently at Groom Expo in Hershey, PA. The gala event was hosted by industry favorite, Jay Scruggs.

    “This was the first time our industry has had an all-encompassing awards ceremony to honor groomers and others who have made significant contributions to our industry,” stated Todd Shelly, President of Barkleigh Productions.

    Barkleigh Honors was presented with all the glamour of Hollywood. The evening started with a standing ovation for Sally Liddick, founder of Barkleigh Productions. Next an elegant meal was served, followed by Groom Expo’s Best in Show winner, Melissa Fidge, being awarded the prestigious John Nash Memorial Orchid and trophy from Larry and Shirlee Kalstone.

    Once the Barkleigh Honors ceremony began, a video screen projected photographs of each category nominee. As the winner’s names were announced, they made their way to the podium to accept a handsome, personally engraved Barkleigh Honors medal.

    Sam Kohl was recognized for the evening’s highest honor, the Sally Liddick Lifetime Achievement Award. Sam has invested over 40 years in the grooming industry. He is credited with designing innovative grooming tools, training groomers and publishing the first books available to advance the art of grooming.

    The Barkleigh Honors 2011 winners are:

    - Michell Evans for Competitive Groomer of the Year
    - Sam Hoi for Up and Coming Groomer of the Year
    - Angela Kumpe for Competitive Creative Groomer of the Year
    - Lori Craig for All Time Favorite Creative Cover (“Lion King” Groomer to Groomer Jan/Feb 2010)
    - Chuck Simons for Contribution to the Industry (Marketing Executive for GroomTeam USA, organized and hosted dinner to recognize GroomTeam at Intergroom 2011)
    - Frank Brown for the Gwen Shelly Cordiality Award (outstanding hospitality at grooming shows)
    - ANDIS Company for Sponsor of the Year
    - Breathe Healthy Mask for New Product of the Year
    - Christina Pawlosky for Speaker of the Year
    - Olga Zabelinskaya for Up and Coming Speaker of the Year
    - Lisa Leady for Judge of the Year
    - Dawn Omboy for Contribution to Creative Grooming (sharing her knowledge through Groomer to Groomer articles, teaching and activity on social sites)
    - Teri DiMarino for Journalist of the Year (Getting Down to Business column in Groomer to Groomer)
    - Sue Zecco and Jay Scruggs for Video/Video Series of the Year ( Super Styling Sessions)
    - Barbara Bird for Blog of the Year (BBird’s GroomBlog)
    - PetGroomer.com for Website of the Year.

    Barkleigh Honors 2012 award ceremony will be held on September 8, 2012 in conjunction with Groom Expo in Hershey, PA. Become a fan of Barkleigh Productions on Facebook to learn more about voting for next year’s awards.
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    Over 6,000 groomers contributed their prices including groomers in Australia and Canada.

    For the first time we published overall results for US, Canada and Australia in the July/September 2011 issue of eGroomer Journal. Subscribe free at www.egroomer.com to review the results.

    The detailed results by REGION of the US is now published at www.petgroomer.com/surveys.htm.
    Published on 07-19-11 10:20 AM

    Anna Berning of Muskegon, Michigan is the winner of the GroomTeam USA Lonnie Lange Memorial Grooming School Scholarship. This scholarship is open to any and all applicants, and provides one recipient with a full scholarship to their choice of one of a selected group of nationally acclaimed grooming schools that have been approved by GroomTeam USA, Inc. GroomTeam USA, Inc. will also provide up to a maximum of $1000 toward the purchase of the standard grooming tool kit available through the selected school.

    Anna has worked in sales at Doggie Boutique, as a grooming assistant at a pet salon, and most recently for a mobile grooming business. She has excelled in all of these positions but was unable to take the next step and attend grooming school due to some medical expenses. Anna has always had a love of animals and has wanted to move forward to turn this passion into a career. With the help of GroomTeam USA’s scholarship program, she will be able to make that dream a reality. Anna will be taking the 600 hour Career Styling Program starting in September 2011.

    To learn more about the GroomTeam USA Lonnie Lange Memorial Scholarship program visit www.GroomTeamUSA.com.

    To learn more about The Paragon School of Pet Grooming and programs available visit www.ParagonPetSchool.com.
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    CMJ Designs Inc., makers of 123Pet Software, is proud to announce that we are now DaySmart Software, Inc.

    CMJ Designs, makers of 123Pet software, was incorporated in 1999. 123Pet software has become nationally recognized as the leading automated pet salon software program. Since the management team has a continuous process improvement system, they decided to change the name of CMJ Designs to DaySmart Software.

    “Scheduling and point of sale software is what we specialize in and love doing. We wanted the name of our company to include the word, “Software” in it. All of our software development and technical support is done right here in Michigan – nothing is outsourced overseas. When our company was first started in 1999, my wife, Chris Jackson, and I were the main people running the company. Over the past 12 years our business has grown so much, that we now have several teams and departments in place that help Chris and I operate and grow our company. We wanted to remove our own initials and have a name that focuses on that fact that our software makes smarter days and better time management for its users.” according to Mark Jackson, president of DaySmart Software.

    DaySmart Software would like to thank all of our valued customers, and through our creativity and innovation we will continue to be leaders in the pet grooming industry.

    123Pet software is designed specifically for pet groomers, kennels, and pet supply businesses. For more information regarding 123Pet or for a free trial, call 877-849-5602, e-mail sales@daysmart.com or visit their website at: www.123PetSoftware.com
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    The night belonged to the professional groomers. Chuck Simons, inventor of the Groomers Helper® and newly named Public Relations Officer of GroomTeam USA, launched the inaugural Groomys. The Groomys, like the Grammys, awards professionals in the industry who have gone above and beyond and those who have made great contributions, so others may follow in their foot steps. The Groomys Gala event was produced in conjunction with Intergroom, with many thanks to Christine DiFillipo, Producer of Intergroom.

    The Groomys was conceived by Chuck Simons several months prior to the event when he found out that the Cardinal Crystal Grooming Achievement Awards was moving to Las Vegas and would no longer be held at Intergroom. Chuck’s first response was, “Hey, that’s enough. First Miss America… now the Cardinals”. Chuck’s mind went into to overdrive and that was when he came up with the idea to keep the focus in New Jersey, at Intergroom, and that is how the Groomys was born.

    The Groomys is presented by “GIVE A GIFT”, which stands for Grooming Industry Vendors Excellence Association and the philanthropic arm, which is the Grooming Industry Foundation Trust. The foundation of “GIVE A GIFT” is to increase the awareness of professional groomers to the general public, to champion the grooming industry and the professional groomers through awards and recognition and to support the efforts of GroomTeam USA. “GIVE A GIFT” will also do its best to assist groomers in a time of need, through financial assistance and industry support.

    The Groomys Gala and Awards Ceremony were held at the Holiday Inn Meadowlands. The program included cocktails, dinner, live music and of course, the awards. The first ever Groomy Awards, the GroomTeam USA Pinnacle Awards, were presented to Irina “Pina” Pinkusevich, Veronica Frosch, Lindsey Berry, Greta Dalrymple and Komoko Tonaka for their clean sweep in Germany and bringing home all of the Gold Medals at the World Cup Grooming Competition in 2009. The next Groomy, the GroomTeam USA Spirit Award, went to an emotional Linda Claflin, past Executive Director of GroomTeam USA. The GroomTeam USA Spirit Award for a competitor was then presented to
    Kendra Otto for embodying the “Spirit” of GroomTeam USA.

    The first Peggy Harris Humanitarian Award was presented to the late, Peggy Harris and was accepted by the “Queen of Color”, Miss Dawn Omboy. The second Peggy Harris Humanitarian Award went to, groomer to the stars, Jorge Bendersky, for his efforts in helping many pet charities. The Vendor Excellence Award went to Robert Thompson from Governor Insurance for over 25 years of dedicated support to the grooming industry. The first Life Time Achievement Award went to Shirley Kalstone, for being one of the Founders of GroomTeam USA and her lifetime of dedicated support to the grooming industry. She was unable to attend, so Christine DiFillipo accepted for her.

    The final award was the second Life Time Achievement Award and that went to Jerry Schinberg. Jerry, a founder of GroomTeam USA and father of creative grooming, spent a few minutes reflecting on the beginnings of GroomTeam USA. He concluded his remarks with, “You are all champions”. Whether it was being recognized within their peer group or applauding the accomplishments of their peers, it was a great night for everyone. The Groomys demonstrated that we are all one family dedicated to grooming excellence.

    “I was happy and proud of the industry when I called and asked them to support an event that was to benefit GroomTeam USA”, explained Chuck Simons. The companies that sponsored The Groomys were: Andis, WAHL, Governor Insurance, The Paragon School of Pet Grooming, Shark Fin, Groomers Helper, NEPGP, ISCC, Atlanta Pet Fair, SuperZoo, All American Grooming Show, Precision Sharp, EZ Groom, Show Season, South Bark Dog Wash and Electric Cleaner. “We could have never had this great event if it wasn’t for these fantastic sponsors”, noted Chuck Simons.

    With a successful first event underneath his belt, Chuck Simons is already thinking about “The Groomys 2012”. A video tribute to The Groomys has been completed and is posted on the website (www.TheGroomys.com). Chuck has also setup a Groomys Facebook page and will use that to keep the grooming community updated. For more information about the Groomys or to support GIVE A GIFT, you can contact Chuck Simons at Chuck@TheGroomys.com.

    GroomTeam USA will compete at the World Cup Grooming Championships during Groomania in Kortrijk, Belgium on September 17 & 18, 2011. Support GroomTeam USA with your generous contributions at www.GroomTeamUSA.com. Let’s bring back all the gold medals again in 2011. Go GroomTeam USA – You Are #1!
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    You can get the FREE 123Pet app by going to the Marketplace on a phone or tablet that runs Android and search for “123Pet.” Then, install 123Pet Version 9 on your desktop computer. From within 123Pet Version 9 (Trial, Standard, Professional or Network versions), you simply create a LiveAccess user account ID and password. Then, the ID and password are used to login to the Android app and you are ready to go. It only takes a few minutes.

    • Schedule and view appointments
    • Add and edit pet information
    • Add and edit clients
    • Add client notes
    • Map your clients’ home addresses
    • Run sales reports
    • View product information
    • View service information
    • Call your customers directly from your device (phones only)

    “We received a lot of requests for this feature. Owners of pet grooming salons would like to access these features from home or to check in while they are on vacation. Employees also like the flexibility of being able to check their schedules from home or on their phones while they are out and about,” according to Christianna Jackson, Vice President of DaySmart Software Inc., makers of 123Pet.

    About DaySmart Software Inc., makers of 123Pet software
    DaySmart Software Inc., makers of 123Pet software, is located in Brighton, MI. 123Pet is a complete package for your pet grooming salon. It has full support for employees and booth renters. 123Pet has extensive remote access features. 123Pet can help you save time and provide better customer service. In a few simple clicks, you can schedule appointments, check out customers, and much more. Your pet grooming salon or spa will be better, smarter, and faster. For more information regarding 123Pet or for a free trial, call 800-376-0123, e-mail sales@daysmart.com or visit their website at: www.123PetSoftware.com


    We are pleased to announce that our new Warehouse Store will be opening this Monday, May 9th! Our Warehouse Store will be located at our Warehouse location in Phillipsburg, New Jersey. The Warehouse Store will be open Monday through Friday from 9:00am to 5:00pm.

    Our full line of warehoused product is available at the Warehouse Store, as well as the following features of pet foods:

    • Blue Buffalo
    • Daves
    • Fromm
    • Taste of the Wild

    The Warehouse Store is located in Phillipsburg Commerce Park, right off Route 22. You can pre-order for pickup at the warehouse or simply stop in and shop. Since the Warehouse Store is in a UEZ, customers who shop here will only pay 3.5% sales tax.
    We look forward to seeing you soon!

    "For the first time in the history of professional grooming, Barkleigh Productions will produce LIVE continuous coverage of activity at the grooming contest and trade show at our upcoming PetQuest and groom Expo,” says Barkleigh President, Todd Shelly. We have been beta testing it for the past couple shows and it has done very well with a small number of groomers enjoying the coverage.

    Plans are underway to have professional services that will utilize two to three fixed cameras on the contest, one close-up camera and an interview area.

    "We plan to talk to contestants right after their wins, as well as speakers, sponsors, and attendees. Industry commercials will be included so groomers will have an opportunity to buy some of the things that are offered as show specials through the net,” said Shelly. “And Sally Liddick will be moderating PetQuest.

    There is a lot of enjoyment and emotion at a grooming contest, and so many groomers across the world do not have the opportunity to attend, says Barkleigh CEO, Sally Liddick. “One of the things I enjoyed was our beta testing of the show. Groomers who view it have an opportunity to comment and chat while the events are going on . It is kind of like a bunch of friends getting together to watch TV . This will bring our events up close and personal in a different way than ever before.

    Check GroomertoGroomer.com and Barkleigh.com for information on how to link into live streaming on the show dates. The show is expected to be taped to view at later times, as well.
    Published on 04-12-11 12:03 PM

    GroomTeam USA, Inc., is accepting applications for the Lonnie Lange Memorial Scholarship Fund until the end of the month.

    There are two levels of awards. Level one offers two college-education awards, and level two provides one recipient with a full scholarship to their choice of one of a selected group of nationally acclaimed grooming schools approved by GroomTeam USA.

    The deadline for applications is April 30, and all applications must be processed online. The Lonnie Lange Memorial Scholarship Fund was established to help the families of hard working pet stylists.

    For more information, visit www.groomteamusa.com.
    Published on 04-12-11 10:59 AM

    April 12,2011
    NEW YORK—In response to overwhelming feedback received from groomers across the country, Macfadden Communications Group has brought two historic categories back to the 2011 Crystal Grooming Awards program:

    The Congeniality Award
    This category pays tribute to the individual who has demonstrated outstanding sportsmanship, fellowship and camaraderie during the past 12-month period.

    The David G. Salzberg Award for Outstanding Contributions by an Individual or Organization
    This category is specifically designed to honor the individual or organization that has contributed most significantly to the advancement of the grooming industry through personal service or research during the past 12-month period.

    “We originally removed the congeniality and David G. Salzberg awards to make room for new categories such as Retail Grooming Salon of the Year and Mobile Groomer of the Year,” said Grooming Business publisher Craig Rexford. “However, we could not ignore the many letters we received from concerned groomers who said that these categories were an essential part of the Crystal Grooming Awards program.”

    The Crystal Grooming Awards were founded by Cardinal Laboratories president Tony DeVos in 1988 to “celebrate the achievements of industry leaders, and inspire a greater sense of sharing and cooperation among grooming professionals.

    For more information, visit www.groomingbusiness.com.
    Published on 04-05-11 06:43 PM


    The National Show for Pet Retailers Returns to the Mandalay Bay Convention Center Sept. 13-15, 2011

    MONROVIA, Calif. – SuperZoo, one of the largest National shows for pet retailers, will return to the Mandalay Bay Convention Center Sept. 13-15, 2011. Produced and managed by the World Pet Association (WPA), SuperZoo will offer new features at the 2011 show, including a revamped business lounge, a new grooming component and expanded retailer course offerings through the SuperZoo University program.

    “2010 was a record breaking year for SuperZoo with an increase of almost 14 percent in the number of exhibitors over the previous year and more than 10,000 attendees coming to the show,” said Doug Poindexter, president of the World Pet Association. “We hope SuperZoo’s new features in 2011 will help the show continue to grow and enhance the experience for our exhibitors and attendees”.

    The Club, a business lounge, debuted at last year’s show and provided the opportunity for exhibitors to take important visitors to a more secluded, quiet environment and connect with them without the interruptions that can occur on the show floor. This year, The Club has been redesigned and will have a smaller, more intimate feel. Membership passes will be more economical and more company personnel will be allowed to enter per each pass. Passes for The Club can be purchased in advance online at www.superzoo.org.

    SuperZoo also plays host to multiple grooming competitions as a part of the Groomer SuperShow, a series of contests and seminars devoted to advancing pet groomers and the pet grooming industry. This year WPA has enhanced the grooming portion of the show by partnering with Grooming Business Magazine to present the Cardinal Crystal Awards for Grooming Achievement. The prestigious awards honor grooming excellence and professional skills within the industry.

    WPA has also added new courses to SuperZoo University, a pet industry education program which offers seminars covering important topics within the industry. The classes provide retailers with the tools they need to help their marketing strategies and businesses flourish. For a complete list of seminars, visit superzoo.org/superzoo-university.

    SuperZoo will continue to host the New Product Showcase for attending exhibitors. The winners will be announced during day two of the show to help maximize exposure for the winning products.

    For more information about SuperZoo, visit www.superzoo.org or call (800) 999-7295.
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    Note: The following email was sent to all subscribers in our new subscription database system on March 27, 2011. If you have not yet subscribed to this free grooming journal why not? Go to www.petgroomercd.com to signup. No catches. You ain't seen nothin' like this publication!

    For about 6 months we have been taking free subscriptions to the PetGroomer.com Journal at www.petgroomercd.com. Here's a status update on your free subscription.UPDATE

    We have enjoyed over 10,000 signups for the free subscription. This amazing demand was unexpected. It has caused us to make a few changes and you are the first to know.

    We are planning 3 seasonal issues for the year 2011. They are a Spring edition in May 2011, a Summer edition in July 2011 and a Fall edition in September 2011.

    As a startup and free offer, we cannot promise a PRINT version by postal mail to everyone. For the first issue in May 2011 we will print about 2,000 copies to be delivered by postal mail, and the several thousand remaning will be delivered by email (and more!) inviting you to read a state of the art edition online. You can flip the pages and read the edition online.

    By the second edition we hope to create more funding to help us print 5,000 and print and postal mail them. Each successive issue we will increase the number of copies delivered by postal mail. Regardless, everyone that subscribes gets access to a free copy whether by postal mail or online.

    We are going to change the name from PetGroomer.com Journal to "eGroomer Journal" by PetGroomer.com. The "E" in the title references groomers and career seekers like that are online using today's technology.

    Some of you may remember back in 2009 we hosted a site at eGroomer.com. We took that site down to prepare for it to host something all new, the eGroomer Journal. The upcoming Digital Editions of eGroomer will find a home at an all new eGroomer.com coming in May 2011 when the first edition goes out.

    Wait till you see this all new state of the pet grooming industry web site. The latest web technology! Easy, simple to use, clean and smart.

    We will send you invitation to visit the site when ready.

    iPad, Kindle and other Mobile versions?

    Yes! We are going to be releasing MOBILE versions such as Kindle and iPad versions!

    By the way did you know if you have a Smartphone you can read and post messages now on the GroomerTALK Message Board using your Smartphone with the Tapatalk APP. You can learn about the APP at www.tapatalk.com.

    Thanks for your patience. Tell your friends to signup for a free subscription at www.petgroomercd.com anytime. We know you've been waiting as we promised there will be a first edition in Spring.

    PetEdge is celebrating the 25th anniversary of its exclusive Top Performance® line of grooming shampoos with lots of free giveaways and special offers this year.

    Top Performance shampoos have been the go-to brand for professional groomers since they were first introduced in 1986. This exclusive PetEdge line now features more than 30 different formulas, including everyday shampoos and specialty blends.

    "Top Performance has a proud tradition of quality and a continuing commitment to developing innovative blends to meet every groomer need," says Lori Haraske, Director of Product Development at PetEdge. "We use only the best ingredients to ensure the highest quality and optimum performance."

    PetEdge is the exclusive manufacturer and distributor of the Top Performance line. With no middle man markups to pay, groomers and pet care professionals can buy direct from PetEdge and save on their shampoo and conditioner costs.

    To celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Top Performance Shampoos, PetEdge is giving away free products with every purchase of a one-gallon, two-gallon or five-gallon Top Performance Shampoo or Conditioner—up to a $20.99 value.

    Plus, professional groomers can receive a free 17 oz sample of Top Performance Shampoo when placing their PetEdge orders simply by asking the operator.

    For more information, call 800-PetEdge or log on to www.petedge.com/topperformance

    PetEdge, Inc. is a nationwide manufacturer and distributor of professional pet care supplies and equipment. PetEdge customers include pet groomers, retailers and pet care professionals.
    Published on 03-11-11 05:28 PM

    Groomers OnDemand, a new service to the pet industry, offers full or part time grooming positions around the country. Temporary help may be needed during peak time or during employee accident, sickness in the family, maternity leave or vacation. Permanent help can be obtained, as well.

    This unique service will provide a central clearing base for groomers who need to pick up extra work, who may want to travel at certain times of the year or are in need of a relocation. Established kennels, veterinarians and grooming salons can register as needing temporary or permanent help at various times. Early registration will encourage the best viable employees for a professional establishment’s needs.

    A professional database reference of contacts will be included on the website which will offer school, web-designer, insurance, tools, etc. GroomersOnDemand is currently accepting groomer applications and company profiles for future placement. For more information go to www.GroomersOnDemand.com
    Published on 02-22-11 07:41 AM

    Groomer to Groomer Announces Barkleigh Honors Awards

    “Barkleigh has long desired to honor great achievements in the grooming industry,” says Todd Shelly, President of Barkleigh Productions. “These achievements include recognizing exhibitors and manufacturers, products, blogs, educators, speakers, judges, writers and more. Grooming contestant awards will be given by the International Judges Association. Groomers will be involved in the selection process.”

    The Awards will take place at Groom Expo 2011 during an Industry Banquet on Saturday night in conjunction with the crowning of the Best in Show Winners.

    Here are just some of the Categories:
    • Exhibitor (vendor) of the Year
    • New Product of the Year
    • Sponsor of the Year
    • Blog of the Year
    • Speaker of the Year
    • Journalist of the Year
    • Grooming Book of the Year
    • Grooming Judge of the Year
    • Up and Coming Speaker of the Year
    • Humanitarian Groomer of the Year
    • Pet Volunteer Groomer of the Year
    • People's Choice Creative Groomer of the Year

    “One of the awards will be the Sally J. Liddick Lifetime Achievement Award to honor the founder of Barkleigh by choosing an exemplary person for their years of service at improving the grooming industry,” said Shelly.

    "We are very excited about bringing this new event to the industry, Groom Expo and the national and international stage," said Shelly. "We think it's time to recognize those who have worked to build our industry. This will not be a popularity contest, but a thoughtful experience of merit,” he said.

    Shelly recommends nominations be made by July 1, 2011. Send to:

    Todd Shelly
    Barkleigh Productions, Inc.
    970 W. Trindle Road
    Mechanicsburg PA 17055
    Published on 02-17-11 08:22 AM

    Here is the latest from Grooming Business Magazine, www.groomingbusiness.com

    Use the link above to download a ballot. Good luck everyone nominated.

    The 2011 Crystal Grooming Awards will be presented by Grooming Business magazine and the World Pet Association (WPA) at the Groomer SuperShow on Tuesday, Sept.13, 2011. WPA produces the grooming show in conjunction with its pet industry trade show, SuperZoo. Both shows will be hosted at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas Sept. 13-15, 2011.

    Instituted in 1988 and sponsored by Cardinal Laboratories, the prestigious Cardinal Crystal Awards were created to establish standards of grooming excellence and recognizing professional skills in the competitive grooming industry. This year’s awards will honor the industry’s top groomers and grooming businesses in a variety of categories, including:

    • Competitive Groomer of the Year
    • International Competitor of the Year
    • Best Retail Grooming Salon (≤ 5 units)
    • Best Retail Grooming Salon (> 5 units to 250 units)
    • Mobile Groomer of the Year
    • Grooming Judge of the Year
    • Best “Up-and-Coming Groomers” (two winners will be honored)

    Recipients of the Crystal Grooming Awards will be honored at a cocktail reception after the SuperZoo show floor closes on September 13, 2011.

    2010’s Crystal Awards Winners included:

    • Olga Zabelinskaya, American Groomer of the Year and Winner of The Congeniality Award
    • Deb Ryan, International Groomer of the Year
    • Lisa Leady, Grooming Contest Judge of the Year and Winner of The David G. Salzberg Award
    • Anne Francis, Grooming Journalist of the Year
    Published on 02-12-11 08:31 AM

    by Melissa Verplank www.melissaverplank.com Copyright 2011 All Rights Reserved

    Eight ways to overcome anxiety and channel nervous energy to perform your best

    Whether you are looking to certify, enter a grooming competition or other highly visible display, the seasoned pros seem to have total control over their situation: calm, cool, and collected in their thoughts.

    Looks, however, can be deceiving. Beneath the surface of total control, even the most seasoned, show-savvy competitors get butterflies in their stomachs. They experience the same sort of show jitters and performance anxiety that plagues those who compete at lower levels. But seasoned stylists eventually learn to use those gut-churning sensations to their advantage. They productively channel their nervous energy rather that allow negative thoughts and feelings to overwhelm them and interfere with their performance.

    Everyone gets nervous. It’s normal - even the elite in the pet styling world become nervous - but they learn to work with it. You have to train yourself to like the feeling and see it as an asset.

    A Bundle of Nerves
    Performance anxiety reveals itself in many forms: stomach misery, sweating, shortness of breath, fidgeting, tension throughout the body, chattiness, uncharacteristic silence. Some stylists are wracked with anxiety from the moment they wake up the day of the competition or certification, others get a burst of butterflies just before entering the stage.

    No matter how or when performance anxiety occurs, it usually is fueled by the fear of failure. Many stylists place great pressure on themselves to do well. Others feel compelled to do everything in their power not to disappoint their employers, fellow staff members, or family members. Those who enter the contest arena or testing site with a client dog have the added responsibility to do a good job to please the owner. Some groomers are deathly afraid of embarrassing themselves in front of an audience.

    To a certain degree, many people are predisposed to being overly anxious. It’s a part of their persona and temperament, just as some folks are normally laid-back or unflappable.

    Actually there’s little difference physiologically between excitement and fear. While one person says, ‘oh boy, here I go’ the next person is saying ‘Oh no, here it comes again.’ The feelings are much the same. The difference is that one is positive while the other is negative.

    Those that work through anxiety may be nervous prior to performing, but they are able to set aside the negative feelings and focus on the skills they need when it’s time to compete or start testing. In contrast, stylists who can’t get past their nervousness extract less and less pleasure from competing or testing. Worse still, performance anxiety can crush confidence and divert attention for completing the familiar steps of an established trim, which reinforces the feeling of being unprepared.

    Because dogs are highly attuned to our feelings, they can sense when something is amiss with a groomer’s emotions. Although some dogs are not rattled by what they sense from their handlers, others become increasingly anxious, especially when they are already distracted by the sights and sounds of unfamiliar surroundings.

    1. Set Yourself Up To Succeed
    Select a good dog you feel comfortable working with, choose a trim you are familiar with, and study high quality reference material.

    2. Develop Proficiency and Skills Beyond What You’ll Test
    You’ll be more likely to succeed when you start at lower level that’s less challenging than what you are accustomed to at home, whether that means choosing a simple trim to execute, a smaller dog to work on, or a better coat to scissor. Everything you do should be easier, not more difficult, when you’re in a show or testing atmosphere: that’s what builds confidence.

    3. Simulate the Show or Testing Experience
    Attend small clinics or go to a trade show or conformation dog show and hire a seasoned competitor to be your coach. Videotaping yourself adhering to the time restraints of typical grooming class is highly beneficial as well

    4. Focus on the Task
    To heighten awareness of the specific challenges that lie ahead, plan your trimming process on the dog. Dissect the time you have allotted for each area of the dog, visualize the finished profile you want to create - see the velvet scissor finish. Think through the entire haircut, don’t just start whacking off hair and hope for a positive outcome.

    5. Accentuate the Positive
    Negative thoughts take a toll on your mood as well as your confidence, and they can inadvertently slip you up at an inopportune moment. Concentrate on modifying your thoughts in a positive tone. Remind yourself to keep your shoulders relaxed, your hand smooth and steady, and move with your hips and knees when you are scissoring.

    6. Rely on Imagery to Get You Through Tough Spots
    Imagery is more powerful than internal dialog or self-statements when it comes to helping a person access his or her internal resources. For that perfectly scissored coat, think of crushed velvet. Or visualize a photo or a drawing of the perfect dog you want to create. Close your eyes and take deep breaths envisioning the image perfectly in your mind. Focus on a positive image rather than thinking about failure or a disaster.

    7. Give Yourself Time to Regroup
    When all your preparations are accomplished – your dog is bathed and fluffed, you’re dressed to step into the ring, your tools are in order – give yourself a break from the hustle and bustle of the competitive environment and take a few moments to gather your thoughts.

    8. Turn it Into a Learning Experience
    Everyone wants to win but facts are facts and the placements only go so high. When I would head to the ring, I always wanted to give my best performance, but I’d play a mind-game with myself too; I would say to myself “Melissa, what’s the worst thing that could happen?” The answer was always, “I could be out of the placements with my dog. I’ve dealt with a lot worse…” One of the best learning tools you’ll ever get is personal critiques from seasoned pros. The grooming tips you can pick up at a show are invaluable to your career as you gain grooming knowledge.

    Feeling you can compete with confidence allows you to enjoy the experience. You may always have to work at managing your nerves, but as your self-assurance grows and you learn to channel your thoughts productively into your performance, your anxiety will dissipate. And when you’re done competing, you may even think, “That really wasn’t so bad after all.”

    Get used to your anxiety. Don’t be rattled by the way it makes you feel. Embrace it and eventually you’ll discover how to use it to put your best foot forward in every competition.

    New Hybrid Power Supply Option on Pet Pro Van and Pet Stylist Elite!

    Significantly Reduces Fuel Use and Dramatically Increases Generator Life!

    The inverter/generator system lets you maximize your fuel efficiency by selecting the power source that is needed for the task.

    For example, there are 4 stages during the grooming process:

    Stage One: Initial prep work (trimming nails, cleaning ears, doing pads, pattern work).
    Stage Two: Bathing
    Stage Three: Drying
    Stage Four: Finishing Work

    Out of all four stages the only time the generator is using fuel and adding hours is during stage three when a high velocity dryer is in use or when the air conditioner is used during warm summer months. These are the only appliances in a Wag'n Tails that aren't powered with the inverter because they require high amperage to operate.

    Since the drying stage usually takes the most time, you'll have a generator powered, true high velocity dryer to be as efficient as possible. Time is money so why use an underpowered dryer and take longer to get the pet dry?

    How It Works

    The inverter simply changes 12 volt DC power from the batteries into 120 volt AC power so you can operate your lights, clippers and other appliances that plug into a wall socket.

    This is the same tried and proven system we use in our famous Sprinter based Endurance grooming van.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How will this new inverter/generator hybrid power supply benefit me?

    1. Fuel Savings: The generator consumes about ½ to ¾ of a gallon of fuel per hour depending on the electrical load it has to carry. The inverter/generator hybrid will reduce the need for the generator by 50% or more depending on the A/C usage over the course of a year. The generator will use less fuel when it's running because it's supplying a lighter electrical load due to the other appliances being run off the inverter. Assuming a fuel savings of fifty percent translates into well over $10,000 saved during the course of a 5 year period at current fuel prices. All of this means the inverter/generator hybrid power system can fully pay for itself in about than 2 years on fuel saving alone!

    2. Generator Maintenance Savings: Generators require routine maintenance. Every 150 hours for an oil change and every 450 hours for a tune up. Our average customer pays for an oil change every month and a tune-up every 3 to 4 months. The inverter/generator hybrid system significantly decreases the frequency of maintenance versus the traditional generator only system. This can cut your annual generator maintenance costs in half or more.

    3. Increases generator life: If you are running the generator for half the time compared to a generator only system, it stands to reason that the life of your generator will double.

    What is included with this optional hybrid system?

    The system includes the following items:

    1. Xantrex 2000W Inverter--provides ample power when you need it.
    2. (2) AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) Batteries--totally maintenance free and last for years.
    3. Expert installation--by our qualified electrical technicians.

    Who will benefit from this inverter/generator hybrid system?

    If you live in a climate that doesn't require air conditioner usage twelve months out of the year, this system is for you. Why? Because A/C units require the higher amperage power supply produced by the generator to run. Essentially, the less frequent you use your air conditioner, the more benefit you will receive in savings from this hybrid system. For example, someone that lives in the Florida Keys or Phoenix and uses the A/C year-round will not realize the same savings as someone that lives in a more moderate climate and runs the A/C less.

    Can this system be added to an older Wag'n Tails Elite or Pet Pro Van?

    This is certainly possible but may be cost prohibitive. In order to add this system post production it would require new wiring for nearly all appliances and outlets. This would involve removing much of the existing conversion walls and equipment and installing the inverter and batteries. The parts and most importantly extensive labor hours require to retro fit an existing unit would double the cost of this option compared to a new Wag'n Tails Pet Pro Van or Pet Stylist Elite. This inverter/generator option is much more cost effective to add during the production process when the unit is being built.

    Want to learn more? Call us and we'll be happy to give you all the details!

    Dennis Gnetz or John Stockman
    Wag'n Tails Mobile Conversions, Inc.
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