• Groomers OnDemand offers Services to Professional Groomers and Pet Care Facilities

    Groomers OnDemand, a new service to the pet industry, offers full or part time grooming positions around the country. Temporary help may be needed during peak time or during employee accident, sickness in the family, maternity leave or vacation. Permanent help can be obtained, as well.

    This unique service will provide a central clearing base for groomers who need to pick up extra work, who may want to travel at certain times of the year or are in need of a relocation. Established kennels, veterinarians and grooming salons can register as needing temporary or permanent help at various times. Early registration will encourage the best viable employees for a professional establishment’s needs.

    A professional database reference of contacts will be included on the website which will offer school, web-designer, insurance, tools, etc. GroomersOnDemand is currently accepting groomer applications and company profiles for future placement. For more information go to www.GroomersOnDemand.com