• Help for Pet Owners Seeking Pet Grooming Services

    Thousands of pet owners find their way to PetGroomer.com and many are looking for how to groom their pets, or more often, a groomer.

    We certainly don't have the only directory of groomers for pet owners, but we have the most detailed listings anywhere on the planet. No other service provides as much information because of the way we created our database. We accept listings from groomers free of charge in any country and we currently have about 9,000 listings.

    Pet owners: click www.findagroomer.com and use the search engine. We suggest you enter your city, state and/or possibly your zip code or postal code. No, we don't have listings for every city and town, but we continue to grow larger every year.

    Grooming Business Owners: Use the same link and in the dark blue area there is a link to "List Your Business" at the site. Please go slow and read the instructions and guidelines. You setup the account and you manage it yourself. Whenever you need to edit/update your listing, find it in the directory and there will be a button for the "owner" of the listing. Click it and enter the password you assigned when you setup the free acount. Please be patient it can take up to 2 weeks once you setup the account because we have to do a lot of clean-up from groomers rushing the listing process and making errors. Really, it isn't hard, but don't rush.