• Press Release: B3's New Sugar Scrub Facial & Paw Relief Shampoo for Ultra Sensitive Skin

    B3 is proud to present our new shampoo.

    Sugar Scrub Facial and Paw Relief Shampoo for ultra sensitive skin

    Our new sugar scrub facial is a 100% hypo-allergenic, fragrance and dye free, exfoliating scrub shampoo for ultra sensitive skin. B3 sugar scrub shampoo rids face and feet of toxins, clears pore blockages and is the perfect solution to soothe fresh shaved areas, B3 sugar scrub shampoo is non-abrasive and gentle on eyes. B3 facial scrub is an alpha hydroxy rich humectant. B3 sugar scrub shampoo will soften and rehydrate dry skin and can help heal skin conditions and is safe for an all over shampoo. Professional formula dilutes 13:1.

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