• How to Search Companies, Products, Services, Schools & Articles and More

    It's easy to look-up companies serving the needs of Pet groomers. If you are a pet owner looking for a pet groomer please go to www.findagroomer.com.

    Search for Company Serving Groomers

    1) If you know the company name, you have 2 choices. Easily look-up the company in the A thru Z Company Names section, or enter the company name in the search field above in the right upper corner of your screen next to the looking glass. Just type in the company name, product name or similar keywords and click the looking glass icon. It searches the entire resources area as well as the forum.

    2) If you are looking for products or services, such as "dryers" or "schools" or "sharpening," click a SECTION of the Resource Industry Directory listed in the right column here, and ALL pages within Resources at GroomerTALK. Each section displays our related sponsors for that section, and then other non-sponsor companies.

    Search for Articles

    In addition to messages posted on the "FORUM" here we are beginning to store articles in the Resources section. We have a few dozen now and one day hundreds. These are reference type articles, but include fun too! Already we have a section (see right column) for dog biscuit recipes for dog biscuits! Here's how to locate articles.

    1) Click a SECTION of the Resource Industry Directory listed in the section manager in the right column here (and all other pages of the Resources area of GroomerTALK. Choose a section title most relevant to the topic of your interest. First you will find sponsors and non-sponsor companies that relate to that section, and then articles.

    2) Enter the topic of your interest in the search field above on the right of your screen next to the looking glass. Once you've entered the topic, click the looking glass. You may also get results of your topic having been discussed in the GroomerTALK Message Board in addition to this Resources section of GroomerTALK. Search results will display 2 areas of results. ARTICLES, which means articles in this Resources area of GroomerTALK, plus results that relate to your topic in the FORUM area of GroomerTALK.