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    By Barbara Bird
    Originally written in 2009 for her GroomWise.com Blog, and now archived here in Resources. Barbara's web site is www.bbird.biz. Please visit her site today.
    Copyright 2011 Barbara Bird All rights reserved

    Figuring out how much shampoo or conditioner to use to obtain the proper dilution ratio can be confusing to some groomers. Being great at math is not in our necessary skill set. Here is an explanation of how to figure it out, and a chart that gives the amounts of product for 32 ounce mixing bottles and one gallon. I hope this is helpful for someone, because as you were out and about having a life last Saturday night, I was sitting here grappling with the math. Who loves ya'?


    Most products come with a suggested dilution ratio expressed as the parts water per one part product. For example 16:1 would be sixteen parts water to one part shampoo. To determine how much shampoo to mix, first convert the size of your container into ounces (32 oz mixing bottle, 128 ounces for a gallon) and then divide by the ratio desired. In a 32 oz bottle, 16:1 would be 32/16 = 2 ounces shampoo. A gallon amount would be 128/16 = 8 ounces product.

    Here are some common dilutions rounded to the nearest ½ ounce.


    4:1 8 oz. (1 cup) 32 oz. (4 cups)

    8:1 4 oz. (1/2 cup) 16 oz. (2 cups)

    10:1 3 oz. 12 oz. (3/4 cup)

    12:1 2.5 oz. 10.5 oz

    16:1 2 oz. (1/4 cup) 8 oz. (1 cup)

    24:1 1.5 oz. 5 oz.

    32:1 1 oz. 4 oz. ( 1/2 cup)

    50:1 .5 oz. 2.5 oz.

    84:1 (1/3 oz) 1.5 oz.

    For best performance of products, it is important to measure accurately. Failure to measure is a waste of money and can result in poor performance of some products. To avoid product contamination, mix only what you will use in a day or two. Many groomers use a bartender’s shot glass as a measure for mixing shampoos and conditioners. Remember that the average shot glass is 1.5 ounces. A “pony shot” is typically one ounce.

    Excessively hard water may require a slightly higher ratio of shampoo for best performance. High mineral content can impede cleaning ability of surfactants and can require an adjustment. Increase the concentration in small increments. For example, if you are not getting good cleaning at 12:1, change to a 10:1 mixture.

    Pump type bathing systems that recirculate product can perform under entirely different dilutions. For products offering 10:1 or 12:1 dilution, start with a one ounce of shampoo per 1.5 gallons of water. For products suggesting 32:1 dilution, use only ½ ounce shampoo per 1.5 gallons. Adjust according to your results. With conditioners, start with 1-2 ounces per 1.5 gallons water for light conditioning, up to 4 ounces per 1.5 gallons for maximum softening, detangling or deshedding.

    Holistic Vs Traditional Vet Care

    We have to understand that our bodies have more control over it's own health than our medications in certain situations. By understanding the basic health mechanisms of our bodies, we can significantly improve our responses to illnesses and adverse factors. The same is true for ...
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    Most grooming suppliers wholesale treats and toys and other items you can sell to your clients. You can find a list of supplier here in Resources in the Grooming Suppliers section. You can expand your search for specialty retail with more sources below. Just the advertising alone in these favorite magazines may lead you to unique specialty ...


    Scentament Spa features a complete line of hypoallergenic body washes, conditioners, and 12 spa inspired botanical body splash sprays that will refresh, deodorize and detangle.

    Each product boasts a unique blend of certified organic extracts, silk protein, vitamins, finished with captivating natural essences presented in fine exquisite packaging.

    "Our goal is to deliver the complete spa experience for you and your pet.
    Scentament Spa's packaging is both intriguing and beautiful, but consumers will take note of the quality and performance aspects of each product. Pet parents have been so thrilled with how their pets look and feel using Scentament Spa, they are using it on themselves too!", states Dave Campanella national sales manager.

    The buzz of Scentament Spa will escalate this September and October with its targeted print trade campaign complete with department-store-like scratch 'n' sniff inserts and major trade show events. Look for more news and excitement throughout 2011 as well with more additions to the line.

    Campanella says, "Scentament not only appeals to independent pet retailers and boutiques looking for fresh value added products not found in pet superstores or grocers, but groomers, pet salons and dog spas can take advantage of the professional bulk sizes available and offer legitimate value added services."



    Best Shot has been manufacturing grooming products for a quarter century, and is renowned as a master of detangling & dematting products and techniques! So, who other than the master to surpass itself with the introduction of UltraMAX advanced grooming products? But they did!

    UltraMAX is engineered for serious professionals who demand results, not promises! This line of products does not replace or obsolete any current Best Shot products, but rather enables groomers to tackle even more tough challenges with the least amount of effort.

    UltraMAX Pro "4 in 1" Shampoo is an extremely versatile utility shampoo that can be diluted specifically for the task at hand. 1:1 for degreasing, up to 15:1 for deep cleaning, up to: 30:1 for course/wire coats, or up to
    50:1 for general purpose cleaning. One product does it all! A legitimate value saver.

    UltraMAX Pro Condition dilutes up to 8:1. It features technically advanced molecular hydrating conditioners that penetrate the cortex and snap the cuticle closed. It can produce a silky finish, perfect for long drop coats requiring slip and flow. Perfect for thick undercoat and mats. In fact its recommended for severely damaged, matted and tangled hair situations.

    UltraMAX Pro Finishing Spray offers superior sheen, coat strengthening, and detangling without oily greasy build up or the use of any alcohol. It protects hair from heat and chemical color styling, hydrates coat and soothes skin. Not to mention it will eliminate static and cut your drying time significantly.

    UltraMAX Sweet Pea Botanical Body Splash compliments the entire line as a refreshing cologne that deodorizes and even helps detangle!


    B3 is proud to present our new shampoo.

    Sugar Scrub Facial and Paw Relief Shampoo for ultra sensitive skin

    Our new sugar scrub facial is a 100% hypo-allergenic, fragrance and dye free, exfoliating scrub shampoo for ultra sensitive skin. B3 sugar scrub shampoo rids face and feet of toxins, clears pore blockages and is the perfect solution to soothe fresh shaved areas, B3 sugar scrub shampoo is non-abrasive and gentle on eyes. B3 facial scrub is an alpha hydroxy rich humectant. B3 sugar scrub shampoo will soften and rehydrate dry skin and can help heal skin conditions and is safe for an all over shampoo. Professional formula dilutes 13:1.

    Call us to find out more 717-871-0103

    Since 2000 pet owner spending on high-end pet products has shown marked growth in the U.S. Many pet groomers that have participated in broadening their sales of upscale pet products have been pleased with the results. Where the results haven't been impressive we often find a common mistake. Simply adding upscale pet retail to a traditional grooming shop environment is not enough doesn't provide the best venue to move upscale pet retail. Luxury products, and even add-on services using premium pet care products, requires a grooming shop to rethink its image, and communicate "pet salon" and "spa."

    Personally we've helped oversee projects radically transitioning shops into pet boutiques with grooming departments. It's been a winning move for pet groomers with 10 to 20 years experience and a desire to groom less without a loss of income. Without expanded retail sales most of these owners had ...

    Pets can enjoy the therapeutic effects of aromatherapy as much as humans can. Aside from possibly eliminating bad odors and giving your pet a pleasant perfume, essential oils also serve many practical functions ...

    By Tricia Deed Tricia Deed Copyright 2010

    First of all holistic or home remedy products do not contain chemicals or synthetics. These products contain natural basics including herbs.

    Most people are concerned about the side effects of ...