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    Go to trade shows! They are better than ever and the opportunity to see the latest product and services, view competitions and gain more skill from expert demonstrations and lectures will lift your spirits and skill level. First, here are our sponsors that make this Industry Resources section possible. Thank you for supporting our sponsors.

    This Industry Directory may include additional companies below that are not advertising sponsors. To apply for a complimentary basic listing click here. Pet grooming businesses are not listed here. See www.findagroomer.com for a free account in the Find A Groomer Directory for Pet Owners.

    Other Trade Shows and Seminar Events - Non-Sponsor Listings

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    Most grooming suppliers wholesale treats and toys and other items you can sell to your clients. You can find a list of supplier here in Resources in the Grooming Suppliers section. You can expand your search for specialty retail with more sources below. Just the advertising alone in these favorite magazines may lead you to unique specialty retail not commonly found in pet stores. Plus, great articles!

    You can refer to grooming trade magazines in the Books, DVDs and Magazine section of this site (see link in right column). Here are some of our favorite sources for exclusive specialty pet retail:

    Bark Magazine

    Modern Dog Magazine


    In addition to pet grooming trade shows here are some pet retail tradeshows to consider. Some of these shows do have grooming features but they are primarily retail product oriented with growing emphasis on boutique trends. Find grooming trade show info here in the Trade Show and Events section of Resources and we have a Calendar feature in the Forums section here. We also discuss trade shows on the Forum as well as sharing our intent to be at events and perhaps meet other members at them.

    Barkleigh Productions - Multiple Shows

    Global Pet Expo

    Groom Classic


    Luxury Pet Pavilion

    H.H. Backer Shows

    Pet Fashion Week

    US Pet Pro Classic by ISCC