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    Jodi Murphy's line of professional grooming apparel was designed by Jodi, one of the top groomers in the USA, for groomers as well as barbers and beauticians. It is made from the highest quality nylon manufactured in the United States. Everyone knows that when you look good you feel good. This line of fashionable grooming apparel features fitted tops as well as slimming tops to make everyone look their best. Jodi works very closely with her apparel company in NYC and guarantees the workmanship against manufacturing defects. New styles and colors will be brought into this line on a regular basis. Be sure to join Jodi’s mailing list for updates on all her products. To view the line click here.


    Breathe Healthy®, a company devoted to advancing respiratory protection, is introducing its newest styles of pet-friendly mask patterns. Initially shown in September at the last Groom Expo in Hershey, PA, these styles will be offered throughout 2011 and will be replacing some of the previously offered pet patterns. Solid colored and other style patterns are also still available.

    All of their masks offer effective and fashionable protection against allergies, dust, pet dander, viruses, and more. These cloth filtration masks are treated with the AEGIS Microbe Shield, which kills germs on contact, is environmentally safe, and is still effective after 100 washings. Because the masks are washable, they offer a more environmentally friendly and cost effective alternative to disposable masks. Their most popular feature, however, is their comfort. Many regular customers assert that the masks can be worn comfortably for long periods due to their inner lining fabric, which is made from a soft and moisture-wicking material.

    As the grooming industry matures, more groomers are becoming aware of the hazards of frequent dander and hair inhalation. Proper ventilation and air filtration are essential safety precautions in preventing long-term respiratory and sinus health issues.

    To order or to view a complete list of masks styles, sizes, and pricing, please visit www.BreatheHealthy.com.

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    A pet grooming professional should be dressed appropriately for the job he or she is performing. Just because a groomer is dealing with animals doesn't mean she can't present herself in a manner that speaks to her professionalism as a groomer and as a successful businessperson.

    The proper grooming shoes are vital for a pet professional. Thankfully, there are several excellent choices in style, color, and type of shoes for a pet grooming professional. The shoes worn by these folks should meet several important criteria.

    First of all, shoes worn by pet groomers need to have excellent support. Grooming professionals are on their feet for several hours in a row while they bathe, brush, trim, and care for dogs, cats, rabbits, and other critters throughout the work day. In order to protect their feet and lend their back quality support, the inserts of their shoes should be designed to withstand consistent and constant pressure while delivering the most support possible to the wearer.

    When dealing with animals, messy accidents can happen. There are several styles of shoes designed with pet groomers in mind. They're constructed from polyurethane uppers that can be wiped clean with soap and water. These types of shoes are also waterproof. This is an important feature for pet grooming pros that are in direct contact with animals all day. These shoes are often made as slip-on's so they can be slipped on and off easily and cleaned often.

    Grooming shoes should also be slip resistant. Animals, especially large dogs, can tend to move around a bit during the grooming session and have the ability to push the groomer off balance if they're not careful. Slip resistant shoes give the pet professional an edge and help them to keep themselves and the pet safe during grooming.

    Durability is also important when it comes to shoes for a grooming professional. These shoes will endure frequent washings and hours of wear, so it's critical that the material from which they're constructed is durable.

    Leather shoes and shoes with laces are not reasonable choices for pet groomers. These shoes can't be washed frequently or thoroughly. They'll hold onto odors and germs, which isn't good for the wearer or the animals with which she comes into contact on a daily basis.

    Along with the right choice of grooming shoes, a pet professional should wear the proper uniform and gloves for the job. The uniform should be made from fabric that is easily brushed clean, but also won't rip or tear easily when it comes into contact with animals' toenails. Gloves worn by a pet groomer should be in line with the type of animal she is grooming. For example, leather gloves can be worn when grooming a smaller dog. For a large dog with aggressive tendencies, a metal mesh glove may be worn. Rubber gloves are also another good choice in order to protect the skin from possible germs or disease.

    Overall, the pet grooming professional should appear to be clean, tidy, professional, and personable. The correct pair of shoes can make all the difference for any ensemble!