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11-13-07, 11:18 AM
I had a customer ask me today if I could put nail caps on his dog to keep them from scratching his floors,i`ve never used them before,are they hard to put on?and also is there anything I should tell the customer about them?also is it safe to leave them on for a long period of time??

11-13-07, 01:35 PM
The shop I work for use them. I like them on cats. I have done a couple dogs they last til the next nail clipping. Its time consuming to put them on.

11-13-07, 03:27 PM
They're supposed to last about a month, but I've been told some dogs chew at them, and also had complaints that the hair mats around the nails.

They're best for poodles with clean feet I guess, that's the only breed I've had want them on time after time..
They're easy to put on, might need someone to help hold the dog, or fill the caps with glue and hand them to you, that's helpful :)

11-13-07, 03:39 PM
They are not difficult to apply. You can leave them on as long as you wish, but I would recommend a specific period of time to the owner so they don't think it's okay for Fido to go without a nail trim for 12 weeks! You just clip the end and they come off. Then you trim the actual nail, then apply the fresh tip. I would say monthly, depending on the dog, just to start.

11-13-07, 05:50 PM
The clinic I work for puts them on for the clients for a small charge.The techs clip the nails, then apply glue and the caps.Clients seem to like them .They wear them til they fall off, depending on how hard the pet is on them.

12-01-07, 08:17 PM
I just recently put them on a golden for the first time, make sure you get the right size cause I'm up to my 3rd order because the first ones didn't fit, have to get xxl. 5 popped off that i had to redo but it's my first time and the owner did say they worked, (ginger was scratching up her wood floors) I charged her more for ordering them and applying them, she didn't care she's just happy for her floors!

12-01-07, 09:38 PM
They are a pain to put on, especially the clear ones. Picture a wiggling dog, you trying to take superglue and a clear nailcap, find the right size, fill with glue, get it on all while not glueing your dog or cat to something else!
But the biggest reason we don't push them is because they deteriorate the nail. Just like acrylic nails on a person. People who use them too long on their pets will find the nails crumbling, sometimes getting infections etc. We'll tell people we'll put them on as a temporary fix, eg they are staying with friends or family that don't want someone clawing up their furniture, but it's not a permanent situation. We always tell the clients not to use them for more than a few months consecutively, without giving a break in between. I remember working for a vet and trying to watch a vet put these on a cat. Took her 45 minutes! And the cat didn't move. It was trying to handle those little tiny caps, having them pop out from between her fingers, the glue, what a mess. JMO of course, glad they aren't a big seller at our salon!