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01-24-07, 02:42 AM
My name is Lilyella. I'm soon to start training to be a dog groomer and I can't wait [I'm so excited but nervous at the same time!]. I've been a full time mum for the past decade and now have taken the plunge and will hopefully be setting up from home [when I'm good enough].
Have bought Notes from the Grooming table and Theory of Five [which I find easier at the moment] and my poor pooches have been my models. Actually they look pretty good but took AGES and I obviously need LOADS of advice etc.
Look forward to hearing from you all and any advice will be really welcome.

01-24-07, 06:45 AM
WELCOME from Nashville ,TN I'm sure you will like it here and will learn a lot all these guys are very good in what they do and they will help you in any you need they great......and again from me pink and my poodle china.....talk you later got to go to work bye.......

01-24-07, 08:14 AM
Welcome! This is a great place to learn so much from each other, but it is quite addictive. Good luck to you!

Gracy Rose
01-24-07, 01:56 PM
Welcome, what a gorgeous name Lilyella.