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09-09-07, 08:23 PM
ALSO...HELP straighten curls please....
Has anyone out there tired this brand? I spend so much on grooming products for the dogs that I exhibit. I have a bitch here that has curls on her topline and I still have not found a product and grooming regiment that straightens them...a straightener won't even work. A Isle of dogs grooming rep said to try their straightening spray but it is like $30 for 160 ML so has anyone used it and their other products and do they actually work, are they worth the price? I normally use Plush Puppy, Chris Christensen, #1 All Systems, and Crown Royal.

How can I straighten a top line?

Thanks in advanced,


09-09-07, 11:44 PM
If there is enough length, why not try a flat iron?

09-10-07, 06:14 AM
Depends on your beed and coat type. But I have used their straightener and for me it works much better then either the christiansen or plush puppy products. Helps me get rid of that unsightly "butt perm."

09-10-07, 04:20 PM
Have you tried pinning a towel on him and letting the dog dry that way? I think that's what they do with Springers to make the coat lay down flat.


09-10-07, 08:01 PM
Have you tried sack drying them? Wrap a towel around the dog while it's just out of the tubby. Let it sit for 30 minutes or even longer, then hand dry. It works great on shelties and border collies and such.

Tammy in Utah

09-11-07, 10:05 AM
Yes I have tried sack drying, thinning, straightening. It like a persistent WAVE, not strong curl. This is a Border Collie! It is just always slightly curly :S Thanks for everyones replies!


09-11-07, 12:16 PM
Well, I wouldn't use a thinning shears on her back, I would think that would make her wavier. Sack dry, then use a straightening spray (straight and sexy), then dry with the growth (obviously) and when she's wet maybe try running a slicker over her to try and encourage it a little to straighten, if all else fails, I'd say flat iron.