View Full Version : New here!

01-04-07, 09:23 PM
Hi- I am new to the Groomer Talk- I have been a groomer since 1979- guess I am one of the "oldies". Hope to enjoy this site.

01-04-07, 09:46 PM
Everyone here is great. Enjoy we all do Where are you from?

01-04-07, 11:09 PM
With all your experience you should have a lot to add. Welcome.

Verna C
01-05-07, 07:26 AM
Welcome Debmar2c I am also relatively new to this board and I have learned alot from the others. It is really great to be able to share experiences with each other

01-05-07, 09:01 AM
Its nice when an "oldie" (your word!), finds this place. I'm sure you will have alot to offer. I always learn something new from every groomer, which is great.

01-06-07, 07:59 PM
Wow! I wish I had followed my heart and started back then. I'm sure that you've seen lots of changes in the industry!

Gracy Rose
01-16-07, 01:32 PM
Wow, '79, I was only... JK