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05-31-12, 12:44 PM
Do they make any restraints to keep a dog's feet still? I was thinking of coming up with a pvc pipe thing but would prefer a professional restraint.

05-31-12, 04:35 PM
Sounds kind of inconvenient since groomers do need to lift the legs, move the dog around . . .

05-31-12, 05:12 PM
Quite frankly, I can't think of a better way to make a bad situation infinitely worse than taking a dog already so gunned up it's dancing the fox trot across a grooming table and you go stick the dog's legs into pvc pipes to immobilize them.

For real?

05-31-12, 05:34 PM
There would be amazing risks with PVC restraints. Broken joints, stretched joints, feet pad injuries. There are vendors of systems on this page http://www.petgroomerforums.com/chat/content.php?294-grooming-equipment such as Groomers Helper but that is of course not all about dancing feet restraint, but there are elevation oriented systems but then again, those don't mean they cannot move their legs entirely. Being right handed, I often used my left hand where needed for controlling movement. Be safe.

05-31-12, 05:59 PM
My first thought when I saw this earlier was YES! They make a right hand and left hand! Ridiculous. I was seriously thinking this is a person who needs more hands on training. I don't have alot of dogs that dance or pull and its mostly my confidence and my anatomy knowledge and how to handle the legs that makes it work for me I think. If you are having troubles controlling dogs you need more handling classes.

05-31-12, 06:21 PM
If you're wishing for leg restraints, I think it's time to learn some new handling techniques. Grooming can be frustrating, but changing tactics makes the job SOOO much more relaxing. :)

My mentor had a motto: if you're having trouble, try using less restraint. Works for me every time. If a dog is pulling his feet away, try holding the legs differently, more gently, or simply taking a break to talk to and soothe the dog. Always evaluate your own frame of mind when working with a difficult dog. If you're frustrated, the dog will act much worse. If you're calm, breathing deeply, and focused, the dog will respond to that and behave much better. Finding your Zen will make worlds of difference in grooming.

And you got good advice from other responses too. The groomer's helper is wonderful. When used correctly, it can make grooming less stressful for both dog and groomer. (unfortunately my shop doesn't have one. :( I'll have to keep begging my boss!)

06-01-12, 01:49 AM
They make other restraints so it's not a far stretch of the imagination that they might make leg restraints as well.

People post on here about dogs that jerk their feet around all the time and say that they already are trying the methods that people here posted.

06-01-12, 06:07 AM
The Groomers Helper is a fantastic tool. The professional set has a support that is wonderful for wigglers. The piece that helps is a bar that supports the underside of the dog's haunches and it comes with that foam covering like that for pipes in the home. That foam covering makes the dog comfortable because the foam covers the bare metal of the bar.

06-01-12, 09:49 AM
I think I might prefer the LIPS system. I'm going to try to make my own. I read that the GH has some limitations that the LIPS doesn't.

06-01-12, 12:15 PM
leg restraints? Makes me think of the rack. Most dogs that pull or dance will only get worse with more restraint and what you are talking about is dangerous. A dog being that restrained could easily panic and really cause itself an injury. I find using as little restraint as possible is usually the most stress free on the pets. I use only what is needed and I couldn't imagine trying to trap their legs. That would terrify a dog like a wolf caught in a trap. I think you may need some more information on dog behavior and just in general how they process information.

06-01-12, 02:01 PM
I asked a simple question and I'm astounded at how aggressive people are. Chances are I know much more about dog behavioral science. It's what I study in college and training dogs has been what I've spent my life doing.

If you don't use restraints such as a Groomer's Helper or a LIPS system then good for you. If you don't think they're a good idea, then also good for you. You probably prefer to manhandle the dogs. I don't. Therefore I prefer restraints to keep them safely still while I'm using sharp tools on them. I have NEVER nicked a dog.

06-01-12, 02:05 PM
I really don't think members have overly aggressive and some not aggressive at all. No one here is suggesting or manhandling dogs.

Time to close this thread.