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05-08-09, 02:41 PM
Does anyone know if the terriers have to be hand stripped for the ISCC? I was looking at the NDGAA and they only require Cairn Terriers to be hand stripped. My biggest issue would be finding a terrier with a coat that has not been shaved down! Ahhhhhhh...

05-08-09, 02:52 PM
ISCC terriers MUST be HS. NDGAA is changing their rules this year sometime (I was told) to include ONE HS terrier as well.

05-08-09, 04:33 PM
It's my personal opinion that if they don't require a hand stripped terrier, then they SHOULD.

I agree it is hard to find a terrier to HS sometimes, BUT---I have seen a good number of hairy little jack russells running around, and they are fairly easy to strip. I am hoping to do my certification testing on a hand stripped Parson Russell terrier. The owner got her from a great show breeder, and she's great to hand strip! I feel like fortune has fallen into my lap. I'm having trouble finding a sporting breed now. :(

Tammy in Utah

05-08-09, 05:11 PM
Yep they have to be hand stripped. I share your pain in finding one suitable. It's my very last test I have to do to get my certification and am finding it very frustrating in finding one suitable that I can use.

05-09-09, 12:00 PM
Its so frustrating, I never learned how to hand strip, but I have done a hand strip cocker (which in my opinion turned out nicely) Now they get her shaved, I was so sad...