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09-22-08, 09:20 AM
Is this just a shave down? This is what I have in my mind.

09-22-08, 09:49 AM
I do two setters that are used for hunting. They get a carded coat, but it is probably the length of a 2 comb, and I trim their furnishings tight. As far as I understand, which I could be totally wrong, their hair is their to protct them from environmental elements, so they need some of it. I think if you were to shave it down, they would be more susceptible to abrasions which could lead to infection. Also if they are going to go hunting, shave the pads even with the pad, don't scoop. I used to scoop my field spaniel when we were training him to hunt, and he hurt his foot pretty badly on something, I don't know what though. I was told to not shave his pads and that wouldn't happen, and so far it haasn't happened again.

09-22-08, 10:07 AM
You need to get a better verbal description. around here a "field" cut is generally a strip , but I do have two springers who are kept in a regular springer pattern we just shorten up the furnishings during hunting season.

Dog Daze
09-22-08, 10:18 AM
Whenever I have had a customer request a hunting or as my customers call it a field cut it is usually a 5F or 7F all over with springer ears but just ask them what they are looking for exactly when they come in to get an better idea if that is what they are looking for.

Make sure they want the feathers and all clipped off and how they want the ears clipped/trimmed

Have fun I love springers.

09-22-08, 10:30 AM
how to do this "back in the day" the breeder had me using a #7 and scissoring the furnishings about 2" in length. This may just have been her variation on the theme.

09-22-08, 10:45 AM
Here they call it a field cut, and it is a full body clip, which I generally do a 5f backwards all over. I especially get the hair from the feet, with a 5f or 7f backwards. There are times when the owner might want a little more length, but most cases they want the short cut.

09-22-08, 04:26 PM
In Wisconsin a hunting clip and Feild clip terms are different. A hunting clip is short (7F) pattern with skirt and furnishings down to the body, but not shaved. The ears trimmed to the leather. A Feild cut is a pattern carded with the furnishings trimed about two inches, yet not really a show cut.

09-22-08, 06:33 PM
I would agree with the others who said get more details from the owner, it's been my experience that a hunting or field trim can be just as varied as a puppy cut

09-23-08, 11:25 AM
Thanks for all the replies. I do appreciate it.