View Full Version : Am I not allowed?

02-08-07, 06:53 PM
Am i Not allowed to mention AZ grooming associations/ I thought Azoci Pam did to invite new guys. Please let me know cuz I don't know. Pam is on the board, not me...Just wanted to tell how I like it. Stephen?Really.. I sdon't know...I will read rules again... but please let me know.

Gracy Rose
02-08-07, 08:41 PM
What is AZ?

02-08-07, 11:34 PM

02-08-07, 11:49 PM
Gracy Rose, AZ is short for Arizona. Mustluvdogs remember to send a message to Stephen if you have a question for him, as he doesn't always get to reading here. He also has other moderators now.

I think you can mention it, but I think the deal was not to put web sights here. I've sure heard about the group before from these boards.

02-09-07, 12:52 AM
Az stands for Arizona. P =professional p=pet g=groomers a=association. But I think any one and canada etc can join...bit of a trip to seminars from FL> but I for one would love to have dinner w/ you at a meeting or anytime.