View Full Version : show season detangler?

02-26-08, 05:37 AM
I ordered some of the show season products the one I was most interested in was the detangler. Does it help blow out the coat of double coated breeds?
Could you all tell me the defferent strenghts and ways you use it?

02-26-08, 08:12 AM
We just got a sample pack of Show Season products. The detangler worker pretty well. Just sprayed it directly on the matts. The one product tho that I just LOVED LOVED LOVED was the speed dry spray. Used it on a badly shedding Husky and on a Chow, Couldn't believe how fast they dried or how much of that undercoat blew right out with no effort. Like their Results Rinse a lot too.


02-26-08, 10:20 AM
The best way I found the deatangler spray from show season to work (this is they way I found it to work out the best) I bathe my dog, I spray it into the coat, HV until 90% dry remis the coat and heat dry while I brush and demat my dog. I found it helps go through the animal without causing stress.
Lisa Leady