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02-22-08, 03:42 PM
These are put out by Barkleigh and I'm wondering if anyone has used them? Do you like them, or not? Have they increased your business, or not?

02-22-08, 04:43 PM
So far 16 have viewed this and no response, maybe that tells me something, don't buy the "Groom-O-Grams"

02-22-08, 04:54 PM
So far 16 have viewed this and no response, maybe that tells me something, don't buy the "Groom-O-Grams"

Or else no one has tried them.

02-22-08, 05:29 PM
Or else no one has tried them.

Duh, didn't think of that! LOL

02-22-08, 05:43 PM
I've seen them but can't remember what they are...

If they are reminder cards, then I don't use them. If they are newsletters, I think it is a great idea---and I would just hand them out to the clients as they leave, save myself some postage. ;)

Tammy in Utah

02-22-08, 06:35 PM
something you sell as a gift cert.? If so it's a great idea for x-mas.

02-22-08, 06:43 PM
I don't groom much now, but when I had my salons I used them sometimes.
They are info newsletters, and they are great - handy information, great size, different colors. I used them a Loooooooong time ago, but was usually so busy that I didn't use them a lot. They are very professional newsletters that are great for informing the average customer, they promote groomers and grooming, and of course a lot of owners love to have something special from their groomer. They display nicely on your counter. You can order the different ones for different things - brushing, fleas, etc.

I love the Barkleigh stuff - what I saw clients REALLY go nuts over were the report cards (available in pink or blue; I always tried to say nice stuff or at least give hope for improvement even if they knew their dog was a brat!) and the LITTLE ANGEL certificates! Ohmigod - especially for puppies, the report cards and angel certificates got AMAZING reactions! Can you imagine the reaction when they picked up their baby and got these things made out with puppy's name on them?? People were THRILLED! I also gave report cards to new clients with adult dogs, plus Little Angel awards if the dogs were amazingly good! And no, I don't sell Barkleigh stuff, lol. These are just great things that make owners feel that YOU feel that their pet is special, and they feel like it's a kid at school! (We used to get told that we were friendlier than the daycare staff for their kids!)

I occasionally used Barkleigh reminder cards for some clients that I thought would get a kick out of them (they are usually cute and funny). Also, I used to call people when I thought their dogs could use an appointment, even if they hadn't booked, and most people were terrific, and even bragged that their groomer called to remind them! And here I was worried that they might just think I was desperate, or pushy. (I just wanted to see their dog look good, and I knew it wouldn't if it got too messy!)

Oops - almost forgot - I also used to get the Barkleigh calendar paws. They are stickers in a paw shape that you write the dog's next grooming date on, then tear off and give the owner to put on their calendar! Owners LOVED them more than writing it on a card. If they didn't have a calendar, they could at least hang it on their fridge. They were red and white, so they were eye-catching, plus it's a pawprint, so it's obviously pet related. They stand out and are so convenient!

02-23-08, 10:40 PM
Thanks Debbiedogs for all the info you gave on the Barkleigh stuff, and maybe you should work for them, you had nothing but praise for the things that you used.

What I was thinking about with the use of the Groom-O-Grams was to put in a packet with some other hand outs for a founders day thing that my little city has every year. It isn't until July or Aug but I'm trying to plan ahead. I'm going to be setting up a booth and advertize. Maybe give out some coupons for a free nail trim. I was thinking about getting some of Barkleighs little Kookie Kutters and either have doggie treats to put in the baggies or have people cookies for the people that come buy. Maybe even both, who knows. Just trying to get things together in my mind as to what I'm going to be doing. Your feed back has helped a lot. Thanks.

02-24-08, 10:02 AM
I used them while I was working at the vets office... they were a wealth of information in a small dose that the owners sometime read.... they had 4 different ones that I knew of spring summer fall and winter and came in different colors too....

some of the reminder cards from Barkley were great and very comical too....one owner had a great chuckle because her dog had gotten skunked the nite before she got her reminder and that was the picture on it lol...

they were a plus in my mind and worth it to me personally IMO

02-25-08, 03:44 AM
I make my own newsletters. I put in doggy jokes, tips, quotes and usually something that relates to the time of year. It takes me about an hour to put a 4 page 1/2 fold card together and I give it to each customer. I copy it onto good quality black and white paper. It has my logo and contact information, plus I offer gift certificates. I don't know if my customers like them but I have fun making them.

02-25-08, 06:53 AM
I have personally never used them - I think it's a great idea - and I'm sure clients would appreciate it. Makes you stand out a little from other shops.

Mailing costs, however, are going up & up & up. I was thinking about trying this sort of thing in an e-mail. everyone has an e-mail address and it's FREE!

02-25-08, 10:09 AM
Thanks dogchic and jbf for the additional info. So many good ideas. :)

02-25-08, 12:41 PM
I have a sign "free" help yourself, still not many customers take them. I suppose I should hand them out to every customer with their next appointment. They are nice, information for each season and how to take care of your pet.