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01-22-08, 06:40 PM
Got our info and free sample in today's mail... What does everyone think? We got a small bottle of the "Gorgeous dog" shampoo, smells just like a highlighting shampoo I have for myself! The bottles are very cute.... But can anyone tell me Why this shampoo??? We're faced with a lot of choices right now, we're trying to choose between nature's specialties, quadruped, isle of dogs... and now this! What would be the advantages of using THIS shampoo over the others I listed?
The prices don't seem too bad, $33 for a gallon, dilutes 20-1?? I think.. My computer isn't letting the website's windows open since they're pop ups, and the info is at the salon...
I like that it's tear-free.. How do they clean? How do they sell?

Thanks for any input!

01-22-08, 06:57 PM
I received some samples of it and thought some of the smells were great. I love the way "gorgeous dog" smelled until I put it on a dog. I usually try stuff on either my dogs or a VERY good clients dog. I told the client that I would be trying a news hampoo on Jopper today. She was fine and I washed her and after the rinse she still felt dirty, so I washed her agian and her feet still smelled, so I just washed her feet and finally she smell good all over. She is a shih tzu and her coat seem lifeless; it wouldn't lift for a fluff scissoring and it wasn't as shiny as it had been using my normal shampoo. I sent her home and her owner called the next day to tell me Jopper didn't feel soft and she noticed the lack of luster too. I told her I wouldn't use it again.Two weeks later the owner called and asked if Jopper could come in just for a bath and told me she just couldn't stand it anymore. I asked "what??" and she said" Jopper stinks like old lady perfume and dog and her fur isn't soft and I want to hug my nice smelling soft dog." I apologized several times and said I would NEVER try a new shampoo on Jopper again. I didn't charge her for the bath, but she tipped me the amount anyway.

01-23-08, 04:40 AM
that being said...is one of the things that sets the BP line off from others...

I have used the BP line for almost a year now, I do a lot of fluffy Bichons! BUT the one shampoo that I don't like or have from the line...the Georgious Dog. YUCK. I didn't like the smell once on the dog, or the cleaning abililty of this particular item. I also don't care for the Snarly dog-which is the de-tangler...

I do use the Bad Hair, Stinky, and Itchy dog as my preferred shampoos. I've had no adverse reactions by pets or owners. I have lots of lift and fluff. the shampoos don't seem to have much of a lasting odor IMO, but I use a cologne, so I really don't worry about the shampoo...I do however have some families that prefer no smells, from either product (no cologne)...

Why did I choose this shampoo? Because I am one of "those' groomers on the ingredients listed on the label band wagons. There are some companies that list by degree what is in the shampoo...like they will list all of the herbal items...but they don't give you the surfactant (what makes it actually clean)...I've even had some of my clients do their own research and are totally happy with the shampoo line...(can you say tree-hugger attitude?)

This is just one opinion and what works for me.

01-23-08, 11:35 AM
is not worth the price in my oppinion. I have tried most of the Isle of Dog products and their styling products as well and there are other lines that work as well for a much better price.

Kelly Monroe
Calypso English Cockers

01-24-08, 04:18 PM
I have to vote for Isle of Dogs, too!

01-25-08, 02:50 PM
is not worth the price in my oppinion. I have tried most of the Isle of Dog products and their styling products as well and there are other lines that work as well for a much better price.

Kelly Monroe
Calypso English Cockers

I love bobbi's stuff and it is far cheaper than isle of dogs. anywhere from $28 to $40 a gallon.

02-01-08, 11:23 AM
I tried the sample pack also and was very unimpressed with everything except the cute bottles. they didnt lather well, didnt clean well( had to do two bathes each time) and the smells were okay but did not last, customers were not happy. I do like to try new products but I rarely find something that I will continue to use. the first time I used best shot I didnt like it, but after speaking to several groomers at a seminar I tried it again the way the suggested and I love it. I think you get alot of personal opinions here, and I am willing to try what others recommend but the true test is what the customer thinks. I would line up some test dogs, try it, keep notes on how you think it works, and also get feed back from the customer, give them a call several times between grooms to see how well the dogs are holding up.
my base shampoo has been top performance fresh for years. I have dogs that come every 8 weeks and they still smell good.