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  19. would anyone comment on this dvd?
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  29. HELP need ASAP plz!!
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  35. Here's a Q for all you cat pros! :P
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  48. Need to find a groomer who hand strips around Yardley, pa
  49. Kelco or Double K's Groomer's Edge
  50. Tibetan Terrier Grooming Products and Tools
  51. Neveah won't eat her food unless it's right on her bed
  52. Breed Advice
  53. help with westie please?
  54. Can you give me a step by step on how the professionals bathe their dogs.
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  67. OLD English Sheepdog show dog groomer wanted New Jersey
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  69. Learning to use Clippers
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  72. Help please!
  73. Split ends on a dog?
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  76. Norwich / Wire haired dachshund
  77. Dryer
  78. Cordless clippers
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