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  1. Independent Contractor question
  2. Pay by percentage or by the hour..
  3. Renting space?
  4. Wal-Mart did it, right here in TN
  5. Employees or Independent Contractor?
  6. What to do???
  7. about tax...after " what to do "
  8. independent contractor owns the customer information?
  9. Commission rates?
  10. Hourly Pay
  11. pet food warning update "nutro co."
  12. What am I
  13. job offer/commission rate 35%?
  14. Is anyone here an Independent Contractor?
  15. Approaching vet clinics
  16. IC - insurance? bonding?
  17. Big favor to ask!??!!
  18. Independent Contractor-- Taxes????
  19. Competition Clause
  20. hiring a bather/dryer
  21. I do have a question....
  22. Is a 90 day probation period a wise choice??
  23. Thoughts on renting space out to groomer
  24. Just hired a groomer and need advice (kind of long)
  25. renting tables, let the bashing begin :)
  26. I cant get my mind off of what happened...
  27. What is fair?
  28. Ok, I am cursed
  29. IC or % What is far for the employer and I?
  30. Advice on Hiring Groomers
  31. Adding a new groomer
  32. some advice
  33. Independent contractors, wokers comp...
  34. IC standards and rights...and venting a little.
  35. From home based to employed, have ?'s
  36. Hiring a groomer?? Lots of ?'s
  37. Where do I find a groomer/how do I protect my business?
  38. Please Help!
  39. I need some advice pretty quick
  40. Indep contractor vs employee
  41. Need some opinions!!
  42. Hourly Wage?
  43. Employees dogs and your own
  44. Michigan owner/employers wanted for info
  45. Coming up with contracts to protect employee's/employers
  46. If you are deemed an independent contractor?
  47. "legally" hiring employees
  48. Hiring for mobile/Saturdays, baths only
  49. Hiring a bather - training programme?
  50. Letter of Reccomendation
  51. No more IC set ups - sorry had to vent
  52. Employee Contracts?
  53. im bout to go crazy
  54. Not really an IC and angry.
  55. ?'s about ic vs employee
  56. still looking for answers?
  57. I don't know what to do ---long
  58. Is this even legal?
  59. How to bring this up to a salon owner?
  60. Payroll? & Workmans Comp.
  61. To hire or not to hire? sorry-long
  62. IC "hiring" SC (long)
  63. my issues with ics
  64. Another hourly rate discussion
  65. 1099 vs payroll
  66. What do you think?
  67. New Grooming Salon owner
  68. IC having issues---kinda long
  69. Nice surprise.
  70. How many dogs
  71. Employee Contracts
  72. Advice for an IC?
  73. Hiring an employee...what questions to ask???
  74. Please Help ASAP!! Need advice from salon owners.
  75. A Quick Commission Survey
  76. Trouble Finding a bather :(
  77. Heard of anything like this?
  78. Renting a Table?
  79. Looking back
  80. Need Advice!
  81. Potential problem with IC
  82. IC To Pay Rent?
  83. New Employee
  84. No Clue-that is...I have no clue
  85. Employee on commission
  86. What's a reasonable hourly rate?
  87. Time off ....
  88. Manager Trying to cut our commission Need Help
  89. IRS Warning for Business Owners Paying Help by 1099 IC Status
  90. Tax help?
  91. Ex-Employer refuses to give me a W-II even though he took out taxes, etc:
  92. Contract for IC's
  93. Is this fair?
  94. employee vs IC in laymans terms quote
  95. Currently an employee, possibly becoming an IC?
  96. Website that explains independent contractor vs Employee
  97. Can't Advertise???
  98. New to this....So am I considered an IC???
  99. Am I an Independant Contractor?
  100. ignorance is no excuse
  101. Non-compete Agreements
  102. Who is responsible for injury to pet..Independent Contractor or Owner of Salon?
  103. how to pay bather training to be a groomer?
  104. Looking for more information to supply employer/ Rights as an IC (a little b*tching)
  105. Need advice for paying a bather
  106. unemployment claim
  107. Hiring a bather
  108. 2nd interview tomorrow and need your help please...
  109. Update on 2nd interview
  110. Help! Need advice! Time sensitive!
  111. Providing bather for groomers
  112. A fair rate for an independent contractor????
  113. employee benefits
  114. opinions please!
  115. Are there any real IC groomers out there?
  116. Paying Hourly, Renting table or pay by day
  117. Hiring questions
  118. The employee/ IC switch.
  119. Personal Days/employee relations
  120. Shop wants 1099 from me
  121. I am an IC what should be expected of me?
  122. Maternity leave coverage agreement
  123. Bather doesn't like to bathe dogs....
  124. What do you expect from your bather?
  125. petsomething groomers..
  126. My first week of a job :)
  127. Does the groomer pay the bather or does the shop?
  128. Finding another groomer WITH experience!?!
  129. Work for someone? @ home? or rent a space?
  130. What do I wear to an interview?
  131. How does renting booth space work
  132. how much commission can i ask for if im bringing a huge following?
  133. new job offer
  134. Question for shop owners with staff
  135. Portfolios?
  136. what are the requirements for becoming a master groomer?
  137. pay on a trial basis?
  138. A nightmare I would love to wake up from..
  139. I got a job as a bather!
  140. Where can I find a new groomer?!
  141. struggling with pregnant employee
  142. Bather Tipping Issues
  143. Sigh, I just don't get it...
  144. How would you go about asking for new supplies?
  145. Building a grooming resume
  146. What now?
  147. What the Public Think Reading Help Wanted Ads for Groomers
  148. It's been 3 months... time for a raise!!!
  149. Hmmm, did I fail petsomethings personality test?
  150. Petsomething Commission...
  151. I was offered and accepted the job!
  152. How long do you have to work at petsomething
  153. No record of hours worked, no overtime pay, and nightmare Saturdays
  154. my experience with a corporate-long but way past due
  155. Employment issues - need advice ASAP!
  156. I.C. vs employee
  157. $$ More Money $$
  158. Petsomethings New Commercial
  159. Can an IC work outside of contracted company and NOT pay commission to company?
  160. Miscategorized ICs vs the IRS
  161. Should I knock on salon doors?
  162. Can't have it both ways.......(long) Comments plz!
  163. Groomer employment contract
  164. Pet'something' groomers
  165. What to say / not to say in Interview
  166. Seriously considering renting out a station in a Salon
  167. hand-scissoring at a corperation?
  168. Lost and confused
  169. Frustrated in Tennessee
  170. Commission confusion
  171. Please advise on apprentice programs.
  172. Independent Contractor
  173. A Corp. groomer trainee question...
  174. New Job, from corp store to vet
  175. 1099?
  176. Hiring Bather or Receptionist
  177. Looking for a groomer
  178. Insurance for IC's?
  179. Compensation for new assistants/groomers
  180. Working hard but not improving - frustrated!
  181. Need help!
  182. forms for IC
  183. New job!! Now what?
  184. What would you do?
  185. Ic? Or not so much?
  186. Feeling really discouraged.... vent
  187. I have a new assistant!!!!
  188. Another ? For IC's
  189. Help from fellow petsomething groomers
  190. Penalty for misclassification of employee as IC
  191. Hiring Contractors Without Getting Into Trouble (New York Times article)
  192. How much ends up in your pocket?
  193. Does This Commission Seem Fair? I'm New To This.
  194. First employee... doing great!
  195. What would you pay to rent a table space?
  196. When is groomer not employee or IC?
  197. IC at a vet clinic
  198. Sorry everyone, but another IC question.
  199. an employee with commission
  200. How to tactfully discuss misclassification as IC during job interview process?
  201. Today's job offer -- "You get $xxx cash."
  202. Groomer from Singapore
  203. IC working in Vets office needs advice NOW
  204. Can you be an IC
  205. IC question
  206. Help! IC or employee? Fired!?
  207. Nasty situation, what can I do?
  208. Why, oh why, is it so hard to find good groomers in NYC?
  209. The most professional way to give notice
  210. What questions to ask in an interview?
  211. Going back to corporate and happy
  212. Leaving my corp job
  213. Just need to vent!
  214. I see nothing good coming from this...
  215. What do I do
  216. Advice needed, should I stay or go?
  217. Ics or Sc's? Lets confuse it more
  218. Considered Self employed but makes commission?
  219. New job, questions on commission
  220. Interview but long commute!
  221. Dual Rate Commission Systems for Staffed Grooming Businesses
  222. IC question
  223. update on commission /tips does this seem fair?
  224. got up the nerve and had the talk
  225. Social Media Under Fire as an Employment Screening Tool
  226. Had an interview today i/c
  227. Advice for communicating with employer? LONG
  228. Another IC question regarding clients
  229. To Leave or Not To Leave? That is the question...
  230. Am I an IC?
  231. Sticky Situation...advice...help?
  232. How Much To Charge My IC...???!!!
  233. Trying to get paw in the door
  234. Working as a sub contractor?
  235. Fair Hourly Grooming Wage
  236. Would you rather...
  237. Looking to get a shot in a shop
  238. IRS Tax Tips Brochure for Cosmetologists and Barbers
  239. The Money Motive for Misclassifying Grooming Employees as Independent Contractors
  240. IRS Bombshell Approach Issuing Rulings Against Owners with IC's
  241. Contractor or employee? Make sure you get it right. -- DVM360 article
  242. Out of Curiosity....
  243. Ic or employee?
  244. IC or employee?
  245. Going rate for table rent?
  246. Confronted "employer" about IC vs employee and a week later was fired
  247. What else to do????
  248. PetStylists Wanted at PetSuites of America - Multiple Locations
  249. Think I am misclassified as IC...what to do?
  250. Tax question