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  1. Why Aren't Pet Groomers Licensed?
  2. Ca SB 969 Licensing of Groomers by the state
  3. CA Grooming Legislation Gets a Rewrite
  4. Easy Method to Contact Your Legislators re SB 969 Licensing Bill in CAL
  5. Petition to Stop the Licensing Bill in CA
  6. Revision to SB 969
  7. The History of Grooming versus SB 969, Illustrated
  8. SB 969 Grooming Licensing
  9. Groomer To Groomer Article on Licensing
  10. help defeat sb969
  11. Contact Your District Assemblymember (ASAP)
  12. Cal groomers call now!!! UPDATED - It Failed
  13. SB 969 is Dead!!!!
  14. Will Groomer Certification Bill in CA Come Back Next Year?
  15. Amazed at who applies for grooming jobs
  16. Pet Groomer Bill Advances in Suffolk Legislature
  17. what do you need to open a pet grooming school?
  18. CA Media Stirs Pot on Licensing Groomers (Vargas Mentioned)
  19. Beloved Pet's Death Prompts Legislation for Groomers
  20. Groomer Liability Insurance
  21. "State Audit - Colorado: Pet Care Oversight Insufficient"
  22. Military Spouse Benefits - Tuition Assistance to Become Pet Groomer
  23. Hopes to Revive "Lucy's Law" in California to License Pet Groomers
  24. Tucson cosmetology student under investigation for giving free haircuts
  25. Target stick dog tricks
  26. Take Action on New Jersey Groomer Licensing Bill
  27. New Jersey Could Be First State to License All Groomers on Heels of Investigation
  28. New Jersey Flirts with Licensing Dog Groomers