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  1. Welcome to the eGroomer Journal Article Archive of Past Articles
  2. A Study of the pH of Pet & Human Shampoos by Barbara Bird CMG
  3. State of the Industry Report for 2011 by PetGroomer.com
  4. DIY Pet First Aid Kit by Mary Oquendo CMPTI CCS
  5. Pseudomonas Aeruginosa - Diane Taylor's Story of a Disease Transferred Pet to Human
  6. NCGIA and Cat Grooming Basics by Danelle German
  7. Chart Clipper Blade Cutting Height & Snap-on's by Manufacturer by Jeff Northern Tails
  8. Styling Aids for Grooming the Canine Coat by Barbara Bird
  9. Benefits of Counter Drying Pets by PetGroomer.com
  10. Mixed Breed Head Styling - Part One by Jodi Murphy Master Pet Stylist
  11. Styling the American Cocker Spaniel Head Piece by Jodi Murphy
  12. Styling the Traditional Teddy Bear Head by Jodi Murphy
  13. Christina Pawlosky to do the Next Cover of eGroomer Journal
  14. print issues of eGroomer magazine