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  1. Learning How
  2. pet hand strip on a Brussels
  3. Do Stripping Knives actually cut?
  4. Handstripping a labradoodle.
  5. Irish terrier
  6. Coat King Strippers
  7. handstripped English Cocker
  8. Welsh Terrier
  9. Could you learn hand stripping from a video?
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  11. Scottie
  12. Pirate being stripped....
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  14. DFW area groomers
  15. Difference between stripping spaniels and terriers
  16. Handstripping anf skin issues...
  17. Where can I learn to hand strip?
  18. Please correct me If anything is wrong
  19. Eng Springer Quest
  20. finger grips?
  21. How to Pluck
  22. 3 Hour Hand Strip
  23. English Cocker stripping
  24. hand stripping advice?????????????
  25. RE: Introducing Handstripping
  26. Help? Hand stripping
  27. Where Are These Borders Coming From????
  28. Looking for handstripping teacher
  29. Washing....before or after stripping?
  30. English Cocker/stripping advice
  31. Hand stripping/carding
  32. Am Cocker Hand striping
  33. cheating ?
  34. Handstripping an Airedale Terrier
  35. Hand Stripping for pet dogs...
  36. How much do you charge?
  37. new Parson Russell Terrier pup
  38. Going from clipping to hand stripping
  39. How old to start hand stipping/carding
  40. Chris Christensen stripping knives
  41. Hybrid stripping
  42. Wire Haired Daschund
  43. Hand stripping a welsh
  44. Tried my first hand strip on a Cairn :-(
  45. Any Cairn Terrier Owners?
  46. Pricing by the hour
  47. Norwich Terrier furnishing help needed!!
  48. Westie furnishings...
  49. Rolling a Coat
  50. I hand stripped my first dog on Friday! But...PRICING?
  51. How do I find a groomer who hand strips?
  52. DVD's books, websites
  53. English Cocker
  54. How to get handstripping clients???
  55. Help with a Miniature Schnauzer coat!
  56. hand-plucking
  57. hand strip a 6 mos cairn firs time
  58. How to ask for help? Learning to HS
  59. stripping stone
  60. Hand stripping Puppies
  61. My first all over hand strip...and last
  62. Chalking the HS dog/HS help in WA?
  63. Learning to handstrip??
  64. broken coat
  65. Cairn Terrier CMG testing
  66. Help please - h/s airedale
  67. Hand Stripping an Show ESS
  68. meet Archie
  69. Pet Stripping- who's doing it?
  70. Dulling stripping knives
  71. dead coat?
  72. Stripping in competition
  73. First Norwich, SOS!
  74. Video clip for stipping Cairn's front legs
  75. Stripping the Cairn Terrier head and back Video snippets
  76. A short knife stripping & carding video
  77. Wire Haired Pointinig Griffon
  78. what age to start
  79. Aronco New Product
  80. Why don't more groomers do this?
  81. Handstripping wording question
  82. anyone willing to teach?
  83. hand stripping - one more time:-)
  84. Norfolf puppy 1st strip HELP PLEASE!
  85. OOPS...Norfolk continued
  86. Disagreeing with a Client
  87. The Coolest Thing Ever!
  88. The more research I do the more confused I get!
  89. questions & rolling coat
  90. Terrier confusion
  91. How would you handle this client...
  92. Handstripping an Irish Setter
  93. Hand Stripping a Schnauzer?
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  95. Handstripping question
  96. Anyone hand strip in the Ft. Worth, TX area?
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  98. Brussels Grif ears
  99. Anyone near San Diego willing to teach me to hand strip?
  100. This is Oliver...
  101. Bought my 1st stripping knife, now what to do with it
  102. Cairn help?!
  103. 1st Hand Strip Airedale, How did I do?
  104. Never stripped a dog before
  105. hand stripping - must I give a bath afterwards?
  106. Lakeland Strip
  107. Hand stripping a Dandie
  108. I have a grooming station rental question.
  109. Injured
  110. Hand stripping in the Long Island, NY area?
  111. Overdue Cairn...Advice
  112. Hand Stripping
  113. Airedale puppy handstripping
  114. Amazing Before and After
  115. I took the plunge!
  116. Puppy stripping
  117. King Charles Cavalier pet groom options
  118. Need info on hand stripping!
  119. Dandie Dinmont Top Knot
  120. NORTH CAROLINA- Durham area
  121. So excited!!!
  122. Cairn Cross...cute dog
  123. introducing stripping to Australian Terrier puppy
  124. Westie Client in Ashburn Virginia
  125. Airedale Hand Stripping Northern Virginia
  126. My first time hand stripping entire dog
  127. Does anyone know of someone in or near New Jersey that would teach hand stripping?
  128. Learning to pluck
  129. WFT strip
  130. How much is too much?
  131. Terrier Mutt strip
  132. Does anyone in Western Washington teach Handstripping?
  133. Questions about hand stripping a new puppy
  134. Plucking?
  135. Mini Schnauzer
  136. HELP New stripping knives
  137. Some Groomers are missing out!
  138. handstripping scottie video
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  140. Itchy strip client??
  141. New Standard Schnauzer
  142. Standard Schnauzer puppy!
  143. Any one willing to teach in the Milwaukee WI area?
  144. HELP Cairn blowing coat?
  145. DVD recommendation?
  146. Anyone hand strip Airedales?
  147. Border Terrier- How long between strips?
  148. Was told today that hand stripping was considered "inhumane"?
  149. First time hand stripping
  150. Westie needs help!
  151. Hand stripping prices
  152. prepping for friday. snz pup!
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  154. Magnetic stripping knife??
  155. Schnauzer pup
  156. Montgomery Terrier Show
  157. For those of you that handstrip..
  158. Tried handstripping
  159. Brussels Griffon Stripping
  160. Lilly the Cairn
  161. Questions about Stripping.
  162. Merlin wishes you the luck 'o' the Irish!
  163. Westie with soft coat
  164. Australian Terrier - best shampoo?
  165. How to get a clipped coat back
  166. Merlin, again
  167. Year and a half old PBGVs first grooming.
  168. Starting to roll the coat
  169. Handstripping: Undercoat Woes
  170. Handstripping Classes at APF
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  172. What age to start stripping puppys coat?
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  174. Can You Teach Yourself to Handstrip
  175. Dirty or clean.....
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  178. Metal comb with a rubber band threaded through for hand stripping?
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  180. West highland trouble
  181. Is my understanding of a rolling strip correct?