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  1. Open mouth insert foot!!!
  2. for dogs AND cats!
  3. hubby's idea of a joke
  4. You Know You're a Groomer When...
  5. You know you've been around animals too long when...
  6. yOU KNOW you are a groomer.
  7. Beer for Dogs
  8. Relief for pooting pooches? - WEIRD NEWS
  9. Funny Cute Short Film "Useless Dog"
  10. Kitty Cats are AIR BUDS
  11. joke my mom played on groomer...
  12. These Guys Are Monkeying Around
  13. Dog's Letters to God
  14. Funny Valentine
  15. email is a great invention!
  16. A gift for me?
  17. Hit the JACKPOT
  18. "Agressive Males"
  19. Sleeping Dogs Lie
  20. He doesn't need a full groom...
  21. Ever Gotten Anals In Your Mouth????
  22. Fumigate Them Both!
  23. why we love children
  24. A funny misunderstanding
  25. Speaking of spell check!
  26. Date with BARNEY
  27. some are funny
  28. Jesus is watching
  29. Funniest Excuses Why My Dog is Matted
  30. 10 reason's why your dogs hair cut cost more than yours
  31. Guess the breed
  32. To the tune of Copacabana
  33. A tune a day keeps the dr. away
  34. The Cat's got a hairball! don't worry it's short
  35. Top Ten anal gland requests
  36. Is that a pomegranate?
  37. Does anyone else have this problem?
  38. Fa La La La La.......La La La La
  39. what are dogs do when were hard at work
  40. Tumors
  41. My Grandmothers gonna strike me down
  42. Wholly Cow!
  43. ...Better than my kids
  44. in the local shopper
  45. and yet another stupid dog song
  46. too much time on my hands
  47. The Cat's Got a Hairball (long Version)
  48. A Song Every Groomer can Identify With
  49. -You might be a pet groomer
  50. Mmmm...chapstick...almost peed my pants!
  51. You know your wife's a groomer...
  52. The client says .." Well my Vet said......"
  53. My client is an artISTE!
  54. Getting put in netural
  55. Mixed species naming
  56. More woman oriented, but all invited.
  57. Computer trouble?
  58. Hairdevils Birthday Song
  59. Listening to Ron White
  60. The Rude Customer
  61. Wrong E-mail address
  62. Ginger Peach Pie
  63. Something Funny Happened Today
  64. here's smiling at you kid (hopefully the attachment uploads)
  65. Other professions have funny stuff too
  66. That's 1 Smart Kid!
  67. Growth Hormone
  68. Oh but honey.......he's soo cute
  69. I'll never forget...
  70. These are a Few of My Favorite Breeds
  71. 20 Reasons why your dog's haircut costs more than yours.
  72. Mixed Breed Ideas
  73. Names that work
  74. Liver and Cheese
  75. Are clients really crazy?
  76. The Old Poodle
  77. How many dogs does it take to change a light bulb?
  78. My puppy is a cross dresser!
  79. Virtual Yorkie
  80. one smart bird dog!
  81. Dog Called Sex
  82. Humanoodle
  83. Was it a blessing in disguise?
  84. Birthday Gift...LOLOLOL
  85. Maybe you need a break from grooming....
  86. 10 Reasons Your Dogs Haircut Costs More Than Yours
  87. Two old Gals......Very funny.....IMO!
  88. When mom is away....
  89. Build an Inexpensive Salon!
  90. Using Security Cameras to Prevent Theft
  91. What kind of Poster are you?
  92. dog videos
  93. Idea..Need advice.....
  94. 4 legged to 3 legged
  95. Some folks just crack me up
  96. Happy Halloween
  97. What Puli?
  98. Have Ya Ever Noticed....
  99. Need help!
  100. Changing FOREVER the way we groom dogs!
  101. This is the funniest thing I've ever seen.
  102. a leopard print speedo??!!
  103. Jane, Suzie, & Nikki Visit
  104. My dog has a smart knob!!!
  105. This is so MY cat in the morning...
  106. Take a break here
  107. Got Poop?
  108. Baby Boomers Animation
  109. Ever realize our words are out there for the whole world to see??
  110. Fa La La La La.......La La La La
  111. Like a Poodle
  112. Prepare to laugh
  113. Frozen Paws
  114. Funniest Phone Call!
  115. Practice your clipperwork here
  116. Stay!
  117. So Now I know how the dogs feel (bad haircut venting)
  118. New medical test?
  119. Of Mice and Men
  120. New Poodle Variety
  121. Dog can't get it quite right
  122. Being middle aged
  123. Talented Poodles!
  124. My Foxy is a model...
  125. I shrunk my poodle!
  126. hey, if it's good enough for people...
  127. Grooming humps anyone?
  128. The Newest Designer Dog
  129. heres your sign award for the day!!!!
  130. for you speed freaks.....
  131. The cutest thing ever!
  132. I need to be a dog groomer!
  133. hes a bichon
  134. Funniest Day at Work?
  135. two dogs!
  136. article from newest groomer to groomer
  137. A Funny Story
  138. Oh, the Public and their questions
  139. Embaressed for her!
  140. A fairy tail (Silly)
  141. Things spouses do not thinking (gross)
  142. Make your own designer dog
  143. Chuck's Mug
  144. You Know You're Addicted to GroomerTALK When...
  145. It's a Poodle!
  146. Boxing cat video
  147. Grooming Cartoons!
  148. Let Sleeping Dogs Lie
  149. OMG My standard wears the same size as my teenager!!!
  150. Mulching dog
  151. cool/funny dogs
  152. Dog Diamonds:
  153. Anyone done a lion cut on a shih???
  154. He was de-pantsed
  155. Almost a Scooby Snack
  156. greatest poodle cut EVER!!!!
  157. Vacationing in Kentucky?
  158. Funny things customers ask for....
  159. My poodle's broke!!
  160. Dogs and Cats... A Diary
  161. Tips On How To Remain Single...
  162. taser for his wife! 2 funny!!!
  163. Diving Friends of the Furry Kind
  164. For those who dare to go "Commando"...
  165. Whistling Puppy
  166. Function Lust?!
  167. Who wants to be a Millionaire?
  168. Workin' at the "Dog Wash"
  169. Here's REAL talent...
  170. Canines letters to God
  171. Mexican Chi Navy Seal
  172. How did you meet your mate?
  173. Daily Diary ... A Dog's Vs. A Cat's
  174. A Dog's Idea of Personal Grooming
  175. Dog Cross Breeds
  176. Dog Etiquette
  177. Singing puppies to sleep
  178. Dear Dogs and Cats
  179. Groom This...?!
  180. Be on the lookout!
  181. The things dogs do
  182. A letter to God from the Dog
  183. My Bichon eats almost anything
  184. Having a Bad Hair Day
  185. You know your a dog person when ...
  186. Here's Another ....
  187. Funny Anal story
  188. Oh my gosh! My eyes!
  189. Funny Photos
  190. Funny commercial
  191. Model Competition dogs for sale!
  192. Open mouth insert foot
  193. Groomer Looking for illegal work!
  194. Clipping a pug!
  195. Dog people...
  196. Information Sheet
  197. Pet rules - gotta read
  198. Cute Client Captions
  199. Oh Ye Who Groom Kitties, I need a little help here.
  200. How to give a cat/dog a pill!
  201. You know your a groomer when....
  202. Those crazy dogs...
  203. WTH??? What would you do?
  204. Class Reunions-Feeling Old?
  205. very cute agility video
  206. Do you give Discount?
  207. "My dog is died green!"
  208. It's good to be home(Strange day)
  209. Gangsta punk poodles! very cute!
  210. Here is a new type of dog wash!
  211. I love you
  212. todays investments :)
  213. What a goof ball!
  214. New Way To Restrain Cats
  215. Toilet Water?!?
  216. poodle playtime photos
  217. Nuttin Butt......
  218. Sunday
  219. Is there a "Grand Central" Halloween costume thread?
  220. Happy Howl-Aween
  221. Wolf in Sheeps Clothing?
  222. You want to do what.....
  223. "Do you have a sense of humor?"
  224. This makes my top ten
  225. My daughter cracks me up!
  226. Huh?
  227. Cute Dog commercial
  228. All in a day's work
  229. Thanksgiving
  230. Newest groomers child syndrome thread
  231. Cute New Yorker dog cover
  232. trust
  233. So I bought a home waxing kit
  234. Top Ten Reasons
  235. Locked in
  236. Christmas tree giggle
  237. Poop-ee-ville
  238. Top 10 Dog Peeves
  239. Santa Simons - Ho Ho Ho
  240. Cat Grooming, Piece of Cake!!
  241. You have a what??
  242. You KNow Your A Groomer When..
  243. If DOgs wrote letters to god..
  244. Worst Police Dog Ever:
  245. That'll teach him to cut me off!
  246. WHAT?
  247. Cat Found!
  248. OT but funny checklist for dogs and cats
  249. the reason why my dogs ears smell
  250. Not Always Right