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  1. Heres my shop
  2. Home Salon-Converting a Room
  3. Bathing room ideas
  4. How do your dogs ask to be let in/out
  5. My sign is coming!!!
  6. A Place To Potty
  7. Lighting
  8. Is a floor drain a must in a bathing room
  9. Grooming shop from nothing
  10. cowboy dogs wallpaper/border
  11. Air Exchange for Shops
  12. Sound proofing
  13. Lighting for your salon
  14. Web Cams
  15. Electric amps
  16. Great Flooring
  17. tankless Water heaters
  18. Problem room
  19. Radon Monitoring in Basement Grooming
  20. The ART I'm buying for my shop
  21. what type of battery
  22. Floor Plans?????
  23. Working on my new shop
  24. If you had only known better...
  25. My shop opens Monday
  26. Show Me the Tubs .....
  27. Room design
  28. So I find myself in a dream job here..
  29. Hi I need some Ideas
  30. Cute Shop Bench
  31. No grass in the rear of shop to take dogs potty!!! Need suggestions/help.
  32. Cooling and overhead fans?
  33. How to research new area
  34. Construction is Done!!!
  35. Offer Boarding or NOT?
  36. Need advice on what type of heater to get installed...
  37. Need to fill space!
  38. sound deadening material??
  39. Best place to get new sign
  40. YIPPEE! New Shop!
  41. New Facility Video
  42. Looking For Cute Curtains
  43. Well, it is finished...
  44. questions about building a boarding kennel
  45. Help i need clipart!!!
  46. New shop !
  47. Tree Trimming 101
  48. Remodel in progress
  49. Wallpaper border
  50. How can I make this look cute?
  51. Im getting new neighbors!
  52. Showing off my salon
  53. Our makeover!
  54. Grooming Sign
  55. Designer Anyone?
  56. Bark Avenue, Tyler, TX is NOW OPEN!!!
  57. 2nd Story Shop?
  58. Stephen's Blog Update - Tomorrow's Pet Salon Lighting
  59. Any designers out there...I need help...
  60. Need Flooring Suggestions
  61. My new shop addition
  62. Best way to clean this floor?
  63. Floor for new shop
  64. My first shop, need feedback.
  65. Carpet In Shop :(
  66. What would you do with a 16 x 80 space?
  67. What am I looking at for plumbing?
  68. I finally got pictures where I've remodeled!
  69. soundproofing dryers?
  70. Suggestions for my new spa
  71. Asbestos Tiles
  72. Barber Poles w/Paw Prints or Bones
  73. Flooring dilemma
  74. help with loooooong space
  75. How are your cages set up?
  76. I designed my website much like I designed my salon
  77. Need remodeling help...
  78. Ideas for My Shop?
  79. Pictures of my new Shop
  80. Potty Areas
  81. OK here is my shop, opinions please
  82. Moving our shop !! To home on a conrner lot. Need input and ideas please please !!!
  83. New In-Home Shop - Feedback Please!
  84. Cages vs. Tethers?
  85. Looking for the Pro's feedback
  86. Floor plan for new salon... comments?
  87. Chicago - Great to meet!
  88. Theme Me!
  89. Garbage Cans
  90. Recessed lighting?
  91. Warehouse
  92. Where did you put your reception area?
  93. opinions......
  94. safe counter building?!?! Yep its me picking your brains again!
  95. commercial exterior door (turning around the way it opens)
  96. About to start working from home...
  97. Design/Architect Experts
  98. Shop in home
  99. tank less water heater in a salon?
  100. Window Treatments?
  101. New shop
  102. Grooming Shop Decor
  103. floor coverings
  104. glass door vs chain link
  105. Grooming in a basement - need any vent/fans?
  106. Anybody out there have a propane generator?
  107. Radiant in floor heat
  108. Clueless?
  109. Have'nt started yet, and I already have clients!
  110. K9 grass/turf
  111. Does anyone have building plans for a cagebank?
  112. 950 sq. footage rectangle.... basically...
  113. California Groomer needs advise!
  114. Concerns for one room shop?
  115. Just thought I'd Share
  116. Pet Grooming Floor Plan Concepts CD & User Guide Released
  117. Well It's Official!!!!!
  118. rubber floors??
  119. Sewer Traps?
  120. Need cheap front counter ideas pls
  121. 19 gallon water heater??
  122. Well, we are making the leap...design/remodel pics coming soon. thoughts
  123. Grooming on Hardwood Floors? What kind of nut am i?
  124. Trying to open a grooming salon in my house
  125. Switching from home-based to salon
  126. Painted wood floors
  127. So.....WE'RE EXPANDING!!
  128. Terrible lighting
  129. What is the best material for interior walls of a shop?
  130. Cold...RATTLE...Hot
  131. square footage for a groomer station
  132. What kind of flooring should go on top hard wood floors??
  133. Work station
  134. building indoor exercise area
  135. How do you soundproof walls?
  136. Salon Sanitation
  137. How to work with a very small space? Help me with a layout, please
  138. Free Startup Grooming Business "Shopping List" Planners
  139. Central vacuum system anyone?
  140. have insulated wall(sound proof) at your salon in commercial building?
  141. Best Odorless, Pet & Kid Safe, Low VOC Paints, Stains and Varnishes
  142. LED Fluorescent bulbs
  143. Need help!!
  144. Separate drying room?
  145. IKIA in the salon?
  146. Flooring
  147. New buildout questions
  148. Salt Free Water Conditioner