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Expected Industry Changes Based on National Covid-19 Grooming Survey 2020


  • Expected Industry Changes Based on National Covid-19 Grooming Survey 2020

    With over 7,200 surveyed groomers the collective voice indicated the following changes in the grooming industry, yet others asked for more. You can read the full survey results at

    Boom in Mobile Grooming Awareness

    Nationwide media attention for restricted availability of grooming services and eventually essential status created significant public awareness for pet grooming. Leading the way were contact-free mobile grooming services often allowed to resume operations early on while commercial shops remained closed until curbside and essential issues were resolved.

    New and Closed Grooming Businesses

    Unofficial estimates range from 2,000 to 4,000 grooming businesses have closed business in the U.S. There is evidence from our surveys of business owners closing businesses for various reasons. Some closed staffed businesses to either retire earlier than expected and others resizing to one-person businesses. On the flipside there is evidence of new businesses, especially mobile. With new demand projected from high adoption rates of dogs during the 2020 lockdowns logically we could see annual sales for grooming industry increase by 5% to 7%.

    Future of Essential Grooming is Uncertain

    Should we feel confident that any future calls for lockdowns won’t close some or all grooming businesses? Only 11% of commercial grooming business owners felt that essential status meant they will be likely to be able to operate during lockdowns.

    Spokespersons for the Industry

    Today, who do you think are the spokespersons for the grooming industry? Surveyed groomers indicated the industry needs them, but who will it be? With little to say about the essential nature of grooming, groomers feel someone must represent their interests in any regulation of the industry.

    Employee Work Rights During Pandemics

    The confusion of the early pandemic for both employers and employees exposed a new issue. What are the rights of employees to choose not to work for personal safety without losing jobs. Our employee survey showed their confusion and questions that still may not be answered.

    Employed to Self-Employed

    Since 1998 has done annual industry surveys. In 2020 striving through the pandemic a record number of groomers said that eventually being self-employed appeals to them, and 24% are very motivated and working on it now.

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