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    Default New Bather, starting to learn about grooming! Questions!

    Iím 26 if that means anything, and I have worked as a kennel tech/dog daycare employee for the past 2 years- until about 4 months ago. I finally took a job as a bather, as Iíve wanted to start my grooming career for a while now and I figured that was the best way. I didnít want to do corporate, thatís just personal preference. I love working with animals, I canít imagine doing something else!
    Iíve been a bather for a few months and Iím still learning a lot and getting a lot of advice and very constructive criticism, as I was kind of thrown to the wolves at the start. So Iím still fine tuning how I prioritize time, and learning about the finer details of bathing correctly.
    Before that, I only had experience with my own dogs- I own three dogs that I show (but they only need bathing and brushing) and I had a Chinese Crested (hairless) that I groomed for show myself, for a short time. But I feel like that covers about .01 percent of what I need to know as a groomer, because I only know how to groom a Chinese Crested and have no ability with larger clippers or scissors at all!
    I just bought the big olí ďNotes from the Grooming TableĒ second edition books. Iím starting to be allowed to help (itís not really helping, more like they are helping me learn) with shave downs or using the clipper comb.
    So, I have a few questions- is this a good way for me to get started in grooming? Im working on becoming a better bather and Iím doing my own research/reading on grooming but also trying to jump in and learn where I can.
    Also- Iím looking at getting my own clippers. I currently only have the Wahl Bravmini. Iím trying to decide between the Andis Excel 5 speed or the Wahl KM Cordless. Thoughts?
    And thoughts and advice on what Iím doing would be appreciated too. My long long term goal is to become a professional groomer and use that to be able to fund my dog show habit, and make a decent living.

    Thank you! I hope I can learn even more from this forum!

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    Wahl KM 10 is a good choice but the other is tool. I just like Wahl company. Bathing is where to start but if no one is taking your hand to literally train you, with the all the basics at first, I would suggest signing up for and get Jodi Murphy's complete set. I have all this for my staff. They can invest their time to watch these at lunch or days off. That should help. Jodi has some dvds that deal with learning the shears and clippers. Check it out. Keep asking questions. I like employees that ask lots of styling questions.

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    Thank you so much! I will look into what you suggested. And yes, I always ask questions- hopefully I donít annoy the groomers too much! :P

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    Agree with everything Violet said, except I prefer the 5 speed Excel. Best wishes
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    Sound like you're off to a great start! That is basically how I learned to groom. Started off as a brusher bather and got a mix of training (which was minimum) and teaching myself. I agree with everything Violet said. I would go for the Andis 5 speed though for a first clipper and then go from there. Jodi Murphy has some great videos on brusher/bather, and both Jodi's and Melissa's books have great info on techniques in the beginning of their books. The board is a great place for learning and asking questions as well. Lot's of great people with lot's of talent and experience. Welcome to Grooming!
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