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    Default Online school for now ?

    I am currently waiting to hear back about starting an apprenticeship hopefully next month or the following. Since I have no grooming experience at this point I am wanting to start learning the basic. She mentioned maybe doing an online school until she can get me in to apprentice. That way I can read up on basic and learn more about the business to kinda have a head start. Is there a particular school anyone would recommend? I know it will be a lot of reading and that I donít need a certificate to groom but I would welcome the knowledge.

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    Default It's affordable and there are so many tips in the videos from the different groomers and most of the groomers are the top groomers in the country. skruggs and sue zecco are good too I think you can get theres from the groomers choice website but I think they are more for someone who has some grooming experience.

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    A word of caution though. is great. But it does not provide beginning basics at all. It really isn't for absolute beginners. There are some basics courses that are pretty affordable like and then you could do IMHO

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    Thank you I will look into both programs ! I am currently looking for a bathing job but that has seemed to be impossible.

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