Back when I was a baby groomer, a client walked into the shop with her two dogs. I had the client cards already out and knew what to do!

Client: You’re new. Is Katie here?
Me: No, unfortunately she is no longer working here.
Client: Ok, do the same thing as last time.

As a new groomer, I didn’t want to make mistakes. I noticed that the German shepherd looked like its coat had been clipped short in the past. The card read a 4 clip. That made sense. However, the American Eskimo was in full coat, but the card read 7-skin (Uh-oh cue horror movie music.)

Me: Are you sure you want to go that short on your American Eskimo?
Client: Yes, exactly what you did last time.

I had the foresight to have her sign the matted release form. Though it was obvious she seemed confused to do so.
It turns out, the card really read 7 skim. When the client came to pick up her dog, she was expecting a light trim. What she got was a shaved dog. Needless to say, the client was very unhappy. Fortunately for me, this was well before the advent of social media.

I failed on so many levels. I am now a wiser groomer and have instituted measures to prevent this from happening again.
Over the years I have tweaked and fine-tuned my grooming forms and checklists. In fact, it has defined my professionalism in the eyes of my clients. They know what to expect. They know what my policies are. There are never any surprises or hurt feelings. I have set clear boundaries.

The goal of this workshop is to acquaint the groomer with the forms and checklists needed to establish boundaries and professionalism with our clients. This online workshop includes templates for 9 checklists covering:
• Animal Injuries
• Motor Vehicle Accidents
• Break-ins
• Lost Pet
• Death of Pet
• Cleaning Protocols
• Pet First Aid Kits
• Bleeding Injuries
• Important Numbers

And 13 forms and waivers covering:
• What To Expect
• Terms of Service
• Cats
• Snout To Tail
• Flea and Tick
• First Aid
• Guardianship
• Matting
• Senior Pet
• Aggressive Pet
• Report Cards
• Detailed Invoice

Date: Sunday, September 16th

Time: 6PM EST

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