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    Default Full coated Shih Tzus

    I have never gotten to groom a full coated drop coat dog and I got to do two yesterday! The owners have been trying to maintain at home, and got a little too scissor happy trimming up the face on one, so we're in an awkward phase until it grows out long enough to be banded. And they get clean feet......don't ask me why. The one without a bow is the male. If anyone has any ideas about creative banding I'd live to hear/see them. My only limitation is no braiding, it has to be more secure they say.

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    Clean feet huh? I rarely get that request but it can helpful for owners to keep the feet clean. Thanks for sharing.

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    BRAIDS!!!! I love braiding coats if I can. Sometimes I will do just ears because there is not enough coat on the jacket. I don't know if you know how to braid, but fishbone braids and french braids look nice. You can also work bows and beads and gems into them depending on how fancy you want to get and the owner allows. There is one guy I have seen do AMAZING work on braiding and banding Shih Tzu coats. I don't remember his name but he works gems and tiaras into the coats. The look phenomenal! Nice work and have fun with them!
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    I live in the land of 9 months of rain. Itís not unusual for owners to want clean feet on their coated dogs to prevent soggy floors. Also to have maternity trims on short legged dogs to lessen the amount of water that the skirt picks up.

    Once you have lived with these breeds you have more empathy for the owners and understand their requests better. Had a little foster Peke during our rainy season and now totally understand why they want a 10 blade on the underside. And poodle topnots really do grow out ďso fastĒ. Grin!

    I love the look of braiding but Iím always scared that if I do the dog will come back totally matted. The owner isnít going to take that out and brush it in a day or two. I canít get them to take their topnots down and brush and they come back with a huge mat on the top of their heads!

    It looks like these owners are better behaved then mine. You will have fun with these little guys. Canít wait to see more photos. Thanks for sharing.


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