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    Surprise Cat Warren Groomer Attacked by Dog

    WARREN, Ohio (WKBN) - A groomer in Warren is recovering after she had to be taken to the hospital Monday when a dog she was working on suddenly attacked her.

    It happened at Dar’s Dog Parlour off of Elm Road.

    The 911 caller told dispatchers the groomer was hurt and that she had bites on her arms and leg.

    Animal Control Officer John Onatz said what he saw was shocking.

    “When I got there the worst fears played out that a groomer was actually bitten by a dog and that a dog she was working on would turn on her like that,” Onatz said. “First time I had a groomer incident like this with a dog.”

    Onatz said the woman had the large schnauzer on a grooming table when it began biting her. He says employees were able to get the dog in a cage until it's owner arrived.

    Onatz says the dog had been groomed a Dar’s Dog Parlour before but for whatever reason just snapped.

    The woman was taken to Trumbull Memorial Hospital by ambulance for treatment.

    Since the dog's vaccinations were up to date, it was released back to its owner. According to a police radio log, she took the animal to a veterinarian.

    “The lady who was bit was very tearful as well feeling bad for the dog owner and everything. Just a bad situation all the way around,” Onatz said.

    Onatz says nothing criminal transpired and the owner won’t be charged.
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    Thats the type of dog that bit me during my very short dog grooming career. In my case, not bad bites.
    Poor groomer! Hope she is ok.

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    And if he were mine, he never would have returned from the vet. A one way trip, no question in my mind

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    So sorry for the groomer, I can see your point of view. Just being the owner of a dog like this is a stressful life.


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