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    Confused What blow dryer do you use?

    I have a Maltese dog. Till now, she had short hair, but now, we decided to let it grow.
    So, we are thinking of buying the blow dryer. My wife has a Babyliss blow dryer like in this post.
    My questions are: Is it okay to use her blow dryer for the dog? Or Is it better to buy another one? If another one, which one would you recommend?

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    You can use this dryer, but on a cool setting. Human hair dryers run very hot. The big drawback is you have to hold it. Better off to get a hands free pet dryer that can be adjusted up or down. Oster has a cage and table dryer that would work well. There are others out there as well. You need to brush the coat as you dry, so hands free would be best.
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