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    Grinning Cat Baxter

    I don't have a cat at this time. I had a cat on a leash Baxter when I was kid. I would love another who could go on hikes with me. Happy intl cat day.

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    Aww... my friend has a cat that harnesses like no other cat I've seen. She's a breeder of Siberians and this cat loves her husband. He takes her to the cat shows, puts that harness on and she walks around the cats shows like a princess lol.

    Well.. I have my 4 and I'm watching our friend's 2 gorgeous Maine Coons! Siblings!! Sweet sweet cats!

    Happy International Cat Day back at ya!
    There's always room for another rose in the garden.

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    This was a lot like my Baxter, he loved the leash.


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