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    Default Buying shear set, and quickly - advice needed.

    I am in a situation where I need to purchase a new set of shears for my salon, and since I am in Serbia, a cousin who is coming from the US is supposed to bring them for me. Now, I need them delivered to him by Aug 15th the latest as he is leaving for Serbia on 16th. Have contacted Northern tales, as they were advised for me on this forum in the past, however they are not working through tomorrow, and I have no idea if it possible to order them and have them delivered on time...

    If not possible, can anyone please advice on a set that I can get on Amazon, as they seem to be the only one that can provide them on time. I need a set of straights, curved and a 24 tooth chunker (not neceserily in one set), but with the average price of 250$ all together...

    Hope someone has some advice...

    i saw these on amazon, have no idea if they are any good
    in which case I would need the 24 tooth thinners separetly...

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    I like geib shears. You can't go wrong with these, IMO. Find the chunkers that you want and pay for expedited shipping if you need to.
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