Can You Handle An Evacuation Or Shelter In Place Order With 15 Minutes Notice?

A couple of weeks ago as I was watching the rain fall in sheets from my deck, my phone’s emergency alert went off. SEEK SHELTER NOW TORNADO WARNING. At first, I was like: “Tornado warning, this is Connecticut, we don’t get tornadoes.” But then my training kicked in and I herded my dogs and myself into the designated safe part of my home. Within an hour I was getting the “Are you OK” calls. One of the tornadoes touched down about ¼ mile from my home.

🐾🐩15 Minutes Is Not Alot Of Time To Come Up With A Plan 🐾🐩

So glad I pre-planned. The fact is: people who plan for emergencies and disasters fare better than those who don’t. The 2 people killed had sought shelter in their vehicles because they didn’t know what to do.

Planning gives you the tools to prepare and implement effective emergency and disaster protocols for your home and business.

With a plan you can:

🎉 Assess your current level of preparedness.

🎉 Identify your risks.

🎉 Act instead of reacting to any given situation.

Why do you need to develop an Emergency Plan for your business?

• As a business owner, you invested time, money, and resources to be successful. A plan protects your assets and income earning potential. A plan will enhance your business’s ability to recover from the financial loss due to building, equipment, and product damage and business interruption.

• You may be required by local and state agencies to have a plan in place.

• Enhance the public opinion of your business. Your plan tells them you have their best interests at heart.

Did you know that:

️ 25% of all businesses never re-open after a major disaster.

️ The number of declared emergencies has doubled since 1990.

️ A plan protects you, your clients, and your employees.

“Private sector preparedness is not a luxury. It is the cost of doing business in the post 9/11 world. It is ignored at a tremendous potential cost in lives, money, and national security.”
-9/11 Commission Final Report, Chapter 12

In This Easy To Understand Workshop, You Can Create An Emergency And Disaster Plan!

You will learn how to:

🌹 Identify your risks.

🌹 Plan for an evacuation.

🌹 Plan to Shelter in place.

🌹 Put together emergency supplies and kits.

🌹 Discuss your needs with your insurance specialist.
🌹 Inventory your business.

🌹 Find resources.

🌹 Seek help afterwards.

🌹 Set up chain of command within your business.

🌹 Write waivers.

and more!

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Date: Sunday, August12th

Time: 7PM EST

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