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    Default Update on my Fear Free cat grooming

    Since I became certified in Fear Free practices, my work has changed dramatically. Now that my focus is on avoiding and reducing stress and fear for cats during housecalls, I do more talking to owners, more collaboration with them, and I stop grooming sessions that I would have pushed through to completion. In a way, I used to feel like my job was to be the "bad guy", and many owners used those words to describe why they hired a groomer for their cat. It was depressing to be "the bad guy"!
    Clients seem satisfied, or at least seem to understand, since they do not want to try another groomer. I always offer referrals, so that they have options if my way is not what they want. So far, they are sticking with me.
    I am offering this update since some were curious about the Fear Free certification.

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    Thank you Emma I am planning on it. I think you are right it builds a bond with owners. I think this is an important topic for cat groomers. I read your last article, write another!


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