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    Confused Hi, new mobile needs HELP

    Hi guys,

    I am new to this site and to mobile grooming as my trailer is currently in production. I am wondering the best/easiest way to heat your water and which tanks you use. I am in Australia and wondered if anyone had any idiot proof advice for me... lol


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    Well, out here, some of us have customized vehicles/trailers manufactured by companies that put in either an electric or propane water heater. Some of the more advanced users make their own and put in one of these heaters. I would think since you're having one custom-made, this issue would be taken care of by the manufacturer? Along with power sources, air conditioning, water storage, etc.? Why would you consider buying one that didn't take these details into account?

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    Hi Tash, the fastest way to heat water is with a propane system. Some Saburban water heater models allow you to use propane or electric. You can also use the propane system for a furnace to heat your unit. (I use and prefer propane for heating water and furnace) An Electric water heater is going to pull a lot of amps, so keep that in mind. However, we have have limited information...will you have a generator and/or shore power. Your local RV store can hook you up with water tanks for clean and gray water if this is a self build. If this is a pro conversion, you've got bigger problems.

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    Well I agree, I like propane the best. Probably being in Australia you have enough warmth for not having to worry about freezing tanks, very nice. Let us know what you do. Are the people doing the conversion mobile grooming aware, or just a regular RV type company?


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