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    Default Phasing out lion cuts

    I usually feel sad after I do a lion cut. I don't know why. It is just not my thing. Except for a few cats who need it for health reasons, I try to avoid lion cuts. I mostly do maintenance grooms or spot shaving of mats.
    I wonder what other services I can offer for cats? I cat sit, which is fun. Massage? Is there a good pet massage program? Other ideas? I know lion cuts are a "bread and butter" service for cat groomers, a basic service, so it feels radical to not offer them, but there must be other useful services to provide.

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    I do a quite a few attachment comb clips , so the cat is still fluffy but not so long that the owner can't keep up with the coat. It DOES look choppy for the first week or so, but my clients love it.

    I agree, I don't like doing lion clips either, I hate taking kitties right back to the skin and try to avoid where I can ( obviously if the cat is matted then ill do a lion clip )


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