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    Default "Fear Free" House Call Cat Grooming

    So I recently earned my Fear Free Veterinary Professional certification, via on online course. I've started putting the ideas into action, transitioning my visits to the Fear Free model. Now, a lot of skilled groomers probably use these simple techniques such as using treats and distraction, so it's not proprietary to Fear Free. They just provide support.
    Here's what happened.
    1. Two cats who have become increasingly hard to groom due to hissing, swatting, trying to escape, totally changed thanks to the techniques. Their human and I worked together. She fed one kitty some tuna juice before, during and after the grooming. The other kitty prefers broiled chicken, so he was give that. When I had the cats on my lap, me sitting on the floor, their human distracted them with a shoelace. Result -- no drama. In fact, one of the cats who usually hides changed completely. He came over to me afterwards, laying relaxed on the kitchen counter while I rubbed his ears. Yay!

    2. and 3. I have been grooming cats in two households over the past year(s). These cats have become increasingly upset about being groomed. One shows anxiety by becoming stiff as a board with dilated pupils. He is terrified. The other hisses, swats, tries to escape, tries to attack me afterwards if I get too close to him. I believe it's not healthy for these cats to feel so much stress for 45 minutes of grooming. For these kitties, I suggested their humans discuss with their vets the option of calming medications. One cat will be trying out a Hemp prescription plus a sedating drug. The other hasn't decided yet.

    So far, so good.

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    Oh this is such excellent information, Emma!! I agree, it's not good for anyone, including cats and dogs to be stressed for 45 min. A Hemp prescription... that's interesting.
    There's always room for another rose in the garden.


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