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    Oops Stopped a mobile groomer leaking water badly

    I was driving thru town and saw one of our local mobilers. I didn't know if it was gas or water from a distance but it was a lot. I got up closer and my nose didn't smell gas, so had to be water. I couldn't get her attention as there were no lanes to drive on her side, Only one lane each way. Wait! Call her. There was her phone number boldly showing on the back of the van. So I called her and of course got a voice mail but at least at her next stop if she checks in she will know.

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    She could have been purposely draining her gray water while she drove, but it was nice of you to call her.

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    I do that. The water sits on one side of the tank, then when you drive, it streams out. Just stay away from a gas pump. People will freak out thinking its fuel.

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    I wonder though, she said a lot was coming out. I guess what is a lot?


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